Home again, home again.

We got home from our vacation at Myrtle Beach yesterday. In total, we had ten full days at the beach and it was fabulous. I always look forward to our annual vacation in August. Barry and I traveled with our camper – we have been staying at the same campground for years now. We were there with my dad, his girlfriend, and my little sister and her boyfriend (they had an adjacent campsite), along with my aunt and uncle (who also stay at the same campground and were on the same row!).


I also had some other relatives at the campground and nearby condos the same week, which was neat. One night we all got together at the open air shelter at the campground and had a potluck dinner. I think in total there were about 20 adults and 5 kids.


The rest of the time was a whirlwind of morning runs with my little sister, watching the meteor showers on the beach at night, going out to eat, and playing card games/hanging out at our campsites as a group.



Barry and I spent a lot of time on the beach hanging out in our beach chairs and reading. In total, I read three books (Endangered by CJ Box, Code of Conduct by Brad Thor, and Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee) in addition to a couple of magazines. I also spent time doing things like Sudoku, crosswords, and other logic puzzles. I didn’t spend much time in the ocean, but I did rope my little sister into a game of soccer one day on the beach!



Barry and I spent our last full day mostly on the beach until a storm rolled in and chased us off. The sky got so dark and then the heavens opened up and it poured as a big thunderstorm started!



After the storm passed, Barry headed back out to the beach. I opted to hang out at our campsite and read my book from there since they were calling for more storms in the evening.


Sure enough, another storm rolled in later in the evening. We were rewarded with a beautiful rainbow afterward, though.


The dogs were along with us, as they often are when we camp, and I think they had a good time, too. They always enjoy getting to explore a new place, and we went on many walks while there. But mainly, they like sleeping in the camper in the air conditioning. 🙂


Overall, a very fun and relaxing vacation. I’ve got the weekend to get all of our laundry done and get back into the swing of things, and then it’s back to work on Monday!

What activities do you like to do at the beach?

8 thoughts on “Home again, home again.”

    1. Hah, they usually do not get to be up there! They sleep down in the main part of the camper either in the dog crate we have or on the floor or couch. That was a special treat on our last day at the beach 🙂

  1. I used to attend a convention every summer in Myrtle Beach and we would stay a whole week. It’s a great place to vacation! The place we stayed had a creek that flowed into the ocean. Our kids loved to play in that creek. We would just sit our chairs in it and watch them. It was so much easier than toddlers in the rough ocean! Good luck to you and your sister on the half marathon!

  2. I’ve never been there, but would like to visit someday. The last time I visited the beach, I got in some running and enjoyed the sights: seagulls and marinas. Glad you had a good vacation!

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