About Me

Hi and welcome to Turkey Runner! My name is Meagan and I’m a middle- to back-of-the-pack runner. I love running races and my favorite place to run is on the trails.


I started running in college in 2007 when I participated with Team in Training, and ran the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville, TN. I was looking for something to replace the organized sports I was no longer playing, and I thought raising some money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society along the way would be good.


I had a great experience with TNT and after that first half marathon I was hooked. I continued to run throughout college, and graduated in 2010. My wonderful husband, Barry, and I got married a month after graduation and I took a one year hiatus from running as I adjusted to married life and a new full time job.

Wedding 272

I returned to running in the spring of 2011 and have been running consistently since then. I especially love running races and enjoy the community aspect of running. I started running trails in 2014 and ran my first ultramarathon in 2016. The trail and ultrarunning community has become a big part of my life since then. I have made so many friends and connections within the community. On any given weekend, you can usually find me on a long trail run, running a race, or volunteering at one! It’s a community in which I thrive and I’m so thankful to be a part of it.

Volunteering at the Gateway 25K/50K trail race
Enjoying an ice pop at the 2021 Eastern Divide 50K

Outside of running, I enjoy reading, Legos, puzzles, and hanging out with my husband and our dog, Hank. We had to say goodbye to Scout in January of 2022 and we all miss her dearly. 

Scout ❤
Blue Ridge Bloodhound Search & Rescue Bloodhound Man Trailing Bloodhound tracking
Hank and Scout, circa 2015.

I also love cheering on my Virginia Tech Hokies in any sport, but especially in football!


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"I've opted for fun in this lifetime." -Jerry Garcia

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