Chick Days – 6 weeks old

Happy Mother’s Day!!
Last weekend we did a lot of work on the chicken run area that is attached to the coop.

We got all of the fencing done, apart from the top rail on the short side of the fence. We were missing two extra braces we needed to attach the top rail to the end posts, but Barry picked those up later in the week, so now we have what we need.

Once the fence was complete we let the chickens out to explore their new run area. This is as far as they strayed from their coop. 🙂

They were a little hesitant about it, but it was also pretty chilly outside that day.

We also have plans to bury chicken wire in the ground around the perimeter of the fence, and attach it to the bottom of the chain link to keep the dogs (and other predators) from digging under. The dogs, Scout in particular, have also been really bad about going under the chicken coop. So we have plans to bury some hog wire in the ground and attach it to the bottom of the coop.

In order to do this, we had to dig a trench around the building to bury the wire. I dug the trench all by myself! I’m proud of my work.

In the process of digging the trench I found lots of interesting things. Apparently the people who lived here before us just threw whatever they wanted to get rid of under the building. I found lots of bricks, a car battery, and lots of scrap wood with various nails and screws sticking out.

On Thursday it warmed up to the mid-70’s so Barry let the chickens out into the run area for the first time since last weekend.
Lots of pecking went on and everyone found a worm or two. They really seemed to enjoy exploring their new run.
Once we get the overhead netting on it and finish burying the chicken wire and attaching it to the chain link fence they will have access to the run at all times during the day.

16 thoughts on “Chick Days – 6 weeks old”

  1. Your babies are getting so big! Having grown up on a farm, I am very used to hard work. Seeing that trench you dug impresses me big time! I’m sure your chicks really appreciate it even if they didn’t tell you! 🙂

    1. Thanks! It was hard work for sure. They may not appreciate the trench, but I know they appreciated all of the worms I found while digging it. Each time I found one is stop, open the door and toss it in the coop. Then I’d listen to them run around like crazy with it.

    1. Nope didn’t find him or any bones for that matter (thank goodness). The thought crossed my mind as I was digging, because I remembered the deer shoulder the dogs dug up in the yard. I think Hoffa is in Michigan.

  2. Glad they all got some worms!And that looks like some serious cross-training you’re working on with that digging! 🙂 When I was a kid, we had some serious renovations done on our house, and I remember being shocked by what the construction crew threw into the cement blocks that constituted the foundation (mostly, their garbage – wrappers, bottles, cans from their lunch, etc.). I’m not sure there was a battery, though! Good thing that sucker didn’t develop a leak. Ick!!

  3. Happy Mother’s Day to you, Mama Hen. Ha! The chicks are looking strong and happy. Glad that all got to come out and play 🙂

    1. They sure are! They’re so much bigger than they were when we first got them. But this weekend I was visiting my best friend, and she has chickens and I realized how much growing ourshave to do still . Yes!! My arms and upper back muscles were sore for a few days after.

  4. Hi, new reader here! That is so cool that you have your own chicks. It looks like they love living there, that’s for sure.Also, I’m in awe of all your upcoming races, listed on your sidebar. You go! 🙂

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