The longest 10 miles of my life

This morning I did my long run at the campground where we are stayin.  It is right off of a 4 lane 55 mph highway, so I was limited to staying within the campground itself for my run.

They have a nice little trail that runs along one side of the campground called the Hay Wagon Trail. It sounded promising, but unfortunately it was 0.3 miles long at the most.

The campground itself is only 0.5 miles around when you run the perimeter. I almost lost my mind today. I think I did close to 20 laps. I know common sense tells you it should have been 20 laps exactly to get to 10 miles, but I did little out and backs on dead end roads (that went to places like the pump house, propane tank, RV storage area, etc.) to try and save my brain from melting.

Two or three times I ran through the tent camping area, which is currently empty. The grass was tall and my shoes got soaked. It was pouring down rain last night when we rolled in (a little after 9pm) and everything was still wet and drippy this morning.

I’m not sure why my pictures are kind of fuzzy and blurry. I guess it’s from the humidity that’s in the air. It wasn’t too hot during my run, but it was very humid. I drank an entire bottle of water/Powerade mix in the last 5 miles alone during my run. I also said good morning to Snow White and her six dwarfs (yea.. one is missing) at least 15 times.

After 6 miles or so I was just done with this run. My legs started to feel fatigued, but mainly my mind was just way past running any more loops around the campground. So I had to start making small goals for myself, like “Ok, run 3 laps around and then you can go do an out and back on this little path”.

More of the Hay Wagon Trail

I guess this run can kind of count as a trail run? Even though this trail was short, I probably put in between 4 and 5 miles on it. There were lots of roots and rocks and I tripped numerous times, rolled my ankle three times, and fell once. Am I an official trail runner now? 🙂

During my last mile I ran past the rec area where they were having a pancake breakfast. Barry was there and had gotten me a plate. He said he called out to me, but I never heard him. I had 0.2 miles to go and was headed back to our camper, which was in sight just down the road. I think I was in some kind of tunnel. But he lovingly brought my plate back to me at our campsite.

Pancakes, sausage links, bacon, and syrup with some peach mango Fuze

I’m glad that one’s over and I never want to do a long run that involves running the same loop 20+ times again. One funny thing to note: After about the tenth time I ran by, the people who were sitting outside in their campsites stopped waving. I think I may have started annoying them by running by so much. They probably also think I’m crazy. One positive note about running in a campground: the bath house is never far away, and I was happy for that around mile 4.

Tell me about a mentally tough long run or workout that you have had. How did you power through?

Do you go camping?
We try and go several times a year. We have a fifth wheel camper that we tow with our truck. It lets us bring the dogs along on our adventures!

Pancakes or waffles?
Waffles are my favorite!

Can you name the seven dwarfs? No googling.

12 thoughts on “The longest 10 miles of my life”

  1. Oh my. That sounds like a very mentally tough run. So proud of you for finishing it! I probably would have tried to run along the shoulder of the highway instead. I love camping!

    1. It definitely was. I love going camping, too! That’s what I prefer to do for vacation, and we camp whenever we can for races.

  2. When we were training for our half and it was just too cold to outside, Kelly and I ran inside on the Mccomas track – you know the 200m one? We had to do 5 miles so we did 45 laps!! But it wasn’t actually that bad because we were watching all the basketball players and stuff!

    1. Oh my goodness that’s crazy! I used to run on the Mccomas track, but only for like 2 miles! At least y’all had stuff to watch, but still!

  3. That cracks me up that they stopped waving. It’s like… been there, done that, lady! What do you want? Do you want us to cheer for you? Do you think you’re better than us? AHHHH! That makes me laugh!What doesn’t make me laugh is you having to run around a hundred million times to get your 10 miles in. Thank goodness you were able to have some pancakes upon your return!

  4. Hahaha…good thing you only ran past the pancakes once! I’d have had trouble soldiering on with the temptation of pancakes whispering to me!I actually enjoy running short loops sometimes…but by short, I mean 2-3 miles. 🙂 1/3 mile sounds EXCRUCIATING. But, score one for mental training. Congrats on the 10 miles. 🙂

    1. Oh no I ran past them the whole time. I could smell the bacon frying and the pancakes cooking the entire run. For whatever reason that doesn’t bug me, though. It never has. I actually enjoy running past houses in the evening and smell what they are cooking for dinner.

  5. Oh my gosh. I cannot believe you did that. You must have mental strength of steel. I would have gone crazy after like 4-5 laps. When I do hill repeats, I run past an apartment complex and people are always out on their porches…and I’m sure they are just like “what is this crazy person doing”…but I usually only run by like 10 times (5 up, 5 down)…not 20 ha. Props to you.

    1. Haha, I’d like to think it was more mentally tough than running 10 miles on a treadmill would be. But I’m still undecided on that.

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