Don’t Be A Fool

I’m linking up today with Debbie for her Wednesday Word link up!

Deb Runs

Each week Deb provides a word prompt to spur us on, and this week’s word is shenanigans. At first I honestly had no idea what to write about. I’ve got plenty of stories of times when I’ve been up to no good with various antics, especially in college. But I think I’m better off if I don’t grace the Internet with those. Instead, in honor of April 1 being right around the corner, I decided to share six harmless (okay mostly harmless) April Fools pranks.

  1. Fun with bubbles – Unscrew the shower head and use a cheese grater to put flakes of soap in the shower head. Then screw the shower head back in. There’s no better way to turn a shower into a stand up bubble bath!
  2. Surprise spray – Place a rubber band around the sprayer at the kitchen sink. When someone goes to cut the faucet on, they will get soaked by the sprayer instead. (I got my dad with this one when I was a kid. He had to change his work shirt and I got in trouble)
  3. Thou shalt not pass – Take Saran wrap and tape it across a doorway, just at face and chest height. Make sure there are no wrinkles so it is invisible. When someone opens the door to walk through, they’ll walk right into it, and then they’ll stand there with a hilariously confused look on their face trying to figure out what happened.
  4. Fairy dust – If it is raining on April Fools, fill someone’s umbrella either with confetti or glitter. When they go to open it, it will look like Tinker Bell is preparing them for a flight to Neverland.
  5. Heads up – Fill a box to the brim with ping pong balls and put it in a cabinet. Make sure the box is balanced just right, so that it will fall out when the next person opens the cabinet. I think this one would be funny in an office break room.
  6. Stuck money – Glue a quarter to the sidewalk in a park. Sit on a nearby bench to watch the unsuspecting victims try and pick it up.

I am in no way condoning any of these pranks, nor do I take any responsibility for any actions you may choose to take. My PSA to you on April first: Be on your toes! No one is safe 🙂

April Fools

Are you a prankster on April 1?
What’s the best/worst prank you’ve pulled or had pulled on you?

8 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Fool”

  1. I am not an April Fool’s Day prankster. While I’m all about shenanigans, I don’t like practical jokes. But one time my ex-brother in law (who is a jerk) was at a bar with my sister. Someone put a dollar on a string, and it was on the floor next to him. He didn’t know about the string, of course, and kept trying to pick up the dollar. The people in the bar were roaring. Now THAT was funny…

  2. One year, I lightly attached balloons over a door so that when you open the door, the balloons fell down. The trick is that you need to do that over a door that’s normally closed, something I didn’t do!

  3. Nope, not a prankster, either.

    We did find a nickel at our race this weekend — I picked it up — first money I’ve ever found running. Okay, I wasn’t actually running when we found it, but whatever.

    And I found a quarter in a pair of running shoes I tried on this week!

    How weird is that?

  4. My best ever April Fools prank was pulled on Joseph and his friends when they were in about fifth grade. It’s far too long for me to share here, but we’ll have plenty of time to talk in Richmond! Don’t let me forget. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. Our oldest daughter got us with the kitchen sink spray thing ONCE. My husband’s birthday is April 1st, and there have been SO many times (in years past) when his parents and sisters would call to wish him a happy bday…and he’d tell them that I was pregnant. And, every time, they’d believe him.

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