Holiday Shopping

I’m a planner, so naturally when it comes to holiday gift buying I plan and I start early. My planning begins anytime of the year, but mainly right around and after Halloween. As I think of gift ideas, I keep a list. Later on, when it comes time to wrap those gifts I like to check things off the list and cross things out, to make sure everything is accounted for.

Most of my shopping happens between Halloween and Thanksgiving. I like having most of it done before the stores get crowded (although it’s definitely not as crowded in our area as it is in urban areas). I usually get about 95% of my shopping completed prior to Thanksgiving, and this year was no exception. That way, after Thanksgiving, I don’t get stressed about buying gifts and can enjoy time baking, watching holiday movies, listening to holiday music, and doing other Christmas traditions. I also like being able to take my time wrapping Christmas gifts.


I put a lot into wrapping my gifts, and like them to look good. That definitely takes some time since I’m not a very crafty person!

When do you start your holiday shopping? when do you start planning for your holiday gifts?
Do you do most of your shopping in stores or online? 
Sadly, mine is mostly online now. It’s just so convenient!

10 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping”

  1. I’m almost done shopping. I have all my ideas together before Thanksgiving, and if there are things I know I can buy in advance, I do. That way December isn’t a hard hit, and I can relax some more. I have two more items to get, but they’ll be done the week of.

  2. I am totally an online shopper! Sad, but in our small town we just don’t have that many options.

    I like to start putting a list together in the summer, and I start buying in August or September. It really helps to spread the cost out!

  3. Those are beautiful presents! I love to wrap pretty gifts as opposed to stuffing them into a already made gift bag. This takes more time, but I think it makes it more special. I wish I could be as organized as you and have my shopping done early! If I could get my family to give me gift ideas, it sure would help!

    1. Thank you. That’s actually a picture from last year… I have done a bunch of wrapping this year, but failed to take a photo of all of the gifts piled together 🙂 I hope your family gets on the ball and gives you some gift ideas so that you can get your shopping and gift wrapping done!

  4. Your gifts look amazing! I love that thick green ribbon. I do a lot of my shopping Thanksgiving weekend but usually not before. I should try to spread it out more because I’m always poor by Christmas from buying 90% of the gifts w/in 2 weeks. LOL

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