Weekly Workout Recap – Dec. 7 – 13

I’m linking up today with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin’ for their Weekly Wrap link up. Here’s a recap of last week’s workouts (week 4 of base training)!


Monday – Strength training, consisting of 10 minutes of abs and two circuits of squats and lunges. I normally strength train on Tuesday but after last week’s fall, I took an extra rest day from running to give my knee a break. It didn’t give me any problems the rest of the week.

Tuesday – 3 mile easy run on the treadmill in the morning before work.

Wednesday – 5 mile hill run on the treadmill, with 7 x quarter mile hill repeats. Also a morning workout.

Thursday – Cross training, 30 day shred level 2 DVD workout.

Friday – Rest.

Saturday – 10 mile trail run at Hungry Mother State Park. It was nearly 70 degrees outside! So unusual for December. I nearly forgot my pepper spray, but remembered to grab it right before I left. That became important not too far into my run.


I wasn’t really feeling it from the start of this run. I just felt tired and couldn’t get into a rhythm. That happens on some of my trail runs, though, and things usually get better after the first 30 to 60 minutes. I did finally get into a good groove around mile 6, but unfortunately by that point I was mentally stressed and over the run.


Around mile 1.5, I had an encounter with a loose, unfriendly German Shepherd on a section of trail with a lot of blind curves. I’ll share the full story on Wednesday, since it kind of warrants it’s own post. But the encounter ended with me having to use my pepper spray to defend myself before the owner finally came around the corner and got control of his dog.

So that incident really affected me the rest of my run. I felt freaked out, and couldn’t relax and enjoy myself. There are so many blind curves on the two trails I ran on, and I was just waiting to encounter another loose dog.


I wanted to cut the run short or change my route, or even just go back to my car and go somewhere else to complete my run. In the end I went with my original plan and did an out-and-back up Molly’s Knob.

12-12-15 elevation

I did have three more off-leash dog encounters, but only one spooked me a bit. That one was only because the dog barked, and ran at me a little, before going back to his owner. Normally that wouldn’t bother me but after the first incident it did.

Sunday – 4 mile trail run in the morning with Kim at our usual spot. It was super foggy outside, but the temperature was around 45. In my opinion that’s just about perfect for running!


We had a nice run, but unfortunately had another dog incident, too. This one involved two dogs that we encountered who were just running loose in town. The one ran up to us while growing, so we both pulled our pepper spray and I sprayed him. I felt bad afterward, and worried I had reacted too quickly due to Saturday’s incident. But shortly thereafter there was a man walking on the trail who asked us if we had seen two dogs. When we told him we had, he warned us to be careful because they would try to bite us. Kim told him we sprayed them, and I felt a bit better about the situation. Hopefully that’s the last of my unfriendly dog encounters for awhile.

Total Miles: 22 miles

Have you had encounters with unfriendly dogs? How do you deal?
Who else has had unseasonably warm weather for December? Do you like the warm weather?
I’m not going to complain, but it’s supposed to be winter and that means it’s not supposed to be 70. Just sayin’.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap – Dec. 7 – 13”

  1. Hungry Mother State Park is an odd name but looks very pretty. The worst dog encounter was in my own neighborhood. He actually put his mouth on my behind with his owner standing in the front yard doing basically nothing. Thankfully, he did not bite down. I would have been very unsettled after your experiences. I’m so glad you carry pepper spray. Thanks for linking Meagan!

  2. Spring weather is always welcome. Glad it warmed for the weekend.

    I am always wary of dogs on my rides but don’t feel as threatened as I would if I was running. Will need to get you a refill of pepper spray.


    1. I wouldn’t feel as threatened on a bike, either, but at the same time I think dogs can be dangerous whether you’re on foot or on two wheels.

      My new pepper spray came today 🙂 That prime shipping is a beautiful thing.

  3. Wow, that’s super scary. I’ve never had an encounter with a vicious dog (fortunately), but it’s so important to be aware that it does happen. I hope the owners were understanding and kind to you! Glad you are okay. I can see how that throws your normal run routine off!

  4. Thankfully, I haven’t had bad encounters with dogs, but I know people who have. The trails I run on require dogs to be leashed, and generally people comply.

  5. Geez! What’s with all the dogs? I will occasionally see a few, but I’ve never seen one while on a trail – that would definitely freak me out, especially if the dog was being aggressive!

  6. That’s how I feel about this weather. I’m not complaining…but when it’s 70 in mid-December, something’s not right! I look forward to your post about loose dogs because this is a sore subject for me. I understand in some parks dogs are permitted off leash, but in PA, and especially in the city, it’s the law that dogs be leashed. I never noticed off-leash dogs until I got my own dog, and the first year we had him he was attacked by an off-leash dog. Luckily there were no serious injuries, but it really rattled me. After that I started carrying Halt pepper spray every time I walk him, though luckily I haven’t had to use it. If I’m running and see an off-leash dog, I *always* tell owners it’s against the law…and of course the owners get angry and yell at me. If I’m with my dog and I see an off-leash dog, I always call out “Leash your dog! My dog isn’t friendly!” to the owners, and that usually works and they leash their dogs. It’s not totally true–my dog won’t go on the offensive and attack–but my dog will also NOT want an off-leash dog running up to him. Off-leash dogs are one of my biggest pet peeves, and it amazes me how many people IN THE CITY let their dogs off leash. Anyway, that incident really would have rattled me too. I hope the owner of the GS apologized to you!

    1. If they have a leash law, I think people should be following it. That being said, personally I do not have a problem with an off-leash dog if it is friendly and I’m out on my own (and not with my dogs). However, if I am out with my dogs I have a big problem with an off-leash dog running right up to my dogs. Both are very friendly towards people, but they don’t care much for other dogs. Especially so when they are on a leash and the other dog is loose and gets right in their face.

      Yes, the owner of the GS did apologize profusely to me. He was not angry or upset at all about my using pepper spray, either. Crazy!

  7. Never had an encounter while running, but have while biking with dogs running out of yards & chasing me. & it is SCARY. Pepper spray isn’t something I usually carry, but I did have to dowse the dogs with Gatorade as it was all I had readily available.

    Dogs off leash, in sight are one thing. Off leash & out of sight are another. Sorry it rattled your cage, but glad nothing worse happened.

    1. It will definitely startle you! I have used my handheld water bottle in the past to ward off a dog – unfortunately that was not an option for me on Saturday (and I’m not sure it would have worked anyway).

  8. Oh wow, I hate you were threatened by the loose dog. I take my dog running with me twice a week. I have been known to let my dog go before where I run. I sure would not want to make anyone uncomfortable around my dog. You can usually tell if someone is there unless they are on foot then if they are I’d be a little worried they were up to no good. I guess what it boils down to is a responsible dog owner. I’m so glad you were ok, I am interested in reading the whole story on your next post.

    1. I have loose dog encounters a few times a month, at least. But they usually aren’t bad – even the unfriendly ones I can usually handle just by squirting some water at them or using a stick or something. I haven’t had to use my pepper spray for nearly two years.

      I agree with you – it all comes down to a responsible dog owner. In this case, I’m not sure the one dog should have been off leash since he acted aggressively and did not go back to his owner when called.

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