Reach for Excellence

For this week’s Wednesday Word I was going to write about a favorite childhood memory – the way my family celebrated Christmas Eve. We celebrated with a big family gathering at my grandparent’s house, with fancy clothes and a turkey dinner, gift giving, and lots of time together. Those evenings always ended with a ride home through our neighborhood that was almost magical, for a kid. Most of the houses had their Christmas lights on, the streets were lined with luminaries, and Santa was on his way.

But then I decided to write about something different for the word Debbie provided us this week, which is celebrate.

Deb Runs

I started playing soccer from a young age, and I grew up idolizing several women. These women were pioneers of sorts in the world of soccer, although I think they all will point to the fact that there were many that came before them. But their time on the US National Team and accomplishments during that time cannot be denied. One among them, possibly the most well-known, was Mia Hamm. I recently came across this quote from her:


Her quote, while simple, translates to so many aspects of life. It’s a reminder to keep moving forward, no matter what, and to never rest on your laurels. It’s something I strive for both for my running and in my life.

hokie tunnel

From the tunnel leading to the football field in Virginia Tech’s stadium: For those who have passed, for those to come. Reach for Excellence.

How do you celebrate the holiday season?
How do you Reach for Excellence?

14 thoughts on “Reach for Excellence”

  1. I love this quote! I think running is a great way to achieve this – celebrate those race victories, mileage PR’s, etc., but continue to strive for more.

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