My Greatest Ambition….

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Deb Runs

This week’s word is ambitious. Running is an ambitious thing. In running you are focused on achieving a goal – be it a specific workout or a race. Having ambition means you have a desire to achieve a certain objective.

I have had many ambitions since I started running. I wanted to complete a half marathon, then I wanted to run sub-2 (I came close, at 2:01:00), then I wanted to improve my 5K time, then I focused on full marathons. Honestly, I don’t really know where I’m at with my running right now. I had a great time doing a trail series this past spring and I still really like trails and want to explore them more. At some point I know I am going to tackle the 50K distance and I am pretty sure I know what my first 50K will be….


I have other ambitions with running, too. They are definitely nowhere near my immediate future, but I do hope to accomplish some very scary goals.

DSCN1765 a

Some day I would like to tackle a 50 miler and my greatest (and scariest) ambition is to run a 100 miler!

What are your greatest ambitions?

14 thoughts on “My Greatest Ambition….”

  1. My ambition for a while was to sub 2 a half marathon. I came within 52 seconds! I’m not focused on that right now. And that’s OK. I may revisit that goal next year. Our ambitions change as we grow. I know you can run 50 and 100 mile distances!

    1. So you know what it feels like, too, to come so close! I was disappointed I didn’t get my sub-2, but that day was also a 6 minute PR so I was happy with that. I hope you get your sub-2 next year!

  2. Oh wow 50 or 100 miler! Just wow! It is funny I remember me sitting around the table at work saying if I could only run 1 minute, then 1 mile, then 30 whole minutes… my co-workers laugh at me now! Because they too remember it! 🙂

    1. I bet your coworkers are proud of how far you have come! It’s neat when you get to watch someone’s progress in running up close, especially when it’s someone who is brand new to running. They make such great strides and improve so quickly!

  3. I love your 100-mile ambition and I believe you will get there! My ambitions (at least for the fall) are more subdued: get through MCM and Richmond Marathon injury free and hopefully under 4:30 for at least one of those. Fingers crossed!

    1. That’s right – and my goals are definitely scary to me. I love your 50 state half marathon goal, what a great way to see the country!

  4. Those are awesome goals! I turned my ambitions from running to cycling for the present time. I’m doing my first endurance Mountain Bike race on Saturday (40 miles, which is very different than 40 road bike miles). And next summer am going a 550 mile 7 day ride for charity.

    1. I hope your race went well! Based on my experience in trail running vs. road running, I can imagine how different mountain biking would be from a road bike race.

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