Happy 3rd Birthday, Scout!

On Monday we celebrated Scout’s third birthday! It feels like just yesterday we were picking her up as a 14 week old puppy. My how the time flies!

bloodhound puppy to adultOne of Scout’s most favorite things in the word is ice cream. That is one of the foods she begs for the most if it’s on the table. Luckily, I discovered puppy ice cream last year. What better way to celebrate her birthday than with one of her favorite things. I think she was happy 🙂 (and don’t worry, Hank got some, too!)

bloodhound eating ice cream

Aside from ice cream, Scout also loves chewing on bones.

bloodhound playing bones

But chewing bones can be very tiring….

bloodhound sleeping

She loves to use her nose to sniff things out, especially on a long walk or during Search & Rescue training.

bloodhound search & rescue

But all of that sniffing is very tiring….

bloodhound sleeping

Running around in the yard, hanging out with Hank, and helping him guard the house is another favorite pastime.

bloodhounds on guard

But guess what? That just wears her out, too…

bloodhound sleeping

Getting to travel somewhere is always very exciting and Scout often things she can drive the truck.

bloodhound driving

But traveling will just wear a dog out….

bloodhound yawn

Even just watching other people workout can wear you out.

bloodhound sleeping

Basically, life as a dog is just exhausting….


Luckily she was able to muster enough energy for a solo walk last night, just me and her, to celebrate her third birthday!


Scout loves to be with Hank, and gets very upset if he goes somewhere and she gets left behind. But as much as she loves to be with him, they have very different walking styles. He likes to walk very slowly and sniff everything. Scout enjoys walking at a quicker pace as she ‘speed sniffs’ her way through. Occasionally, she stops to sniff something, but mostly she just likes to power through with her nose to the ground. It was a special treat for her to get to go for a walk by herself.

If you have pets, what are some of their favorite things?

5 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday, Scout!”

  1. So cute that you took her on a walk for her birthday! I can’t believe she’s three. Really, I think you overwork her. She sleeps an awful lot. Clearly her life is just TOO MUCH. LOL!

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