The anticipation is what makes it fun

I’m linking up again today with Deb on her Wednesday Word link up! Today’s word: Anticipation.

Deb Runs

When I thought about the word anticipation, I immediately thought about the anticipation you feel before a race. Specifically, I thought about my very first race. I’ve mentioned it plenty of times on my blog, but I’ve never recapped it before. The main reason for that is I don’t remember much about it. But one thing I do remember is the wait before the start of the race that morning.

Studying all the things the night before my first race.

The anticipation and nerves because you don’t know how it’s going to be, if you’re really trained and ready, etc. I think no matter how many races I run, that feeling right before the start of a race is always there. It’s the same feeling that used to make me jump up and down right before the start of a race back in my competitive swim days. The day that feeling goes away, it’s time to find a new hobby.


Speaking of hobbies, my little sister introduced me to a new one that also involves a fair amount of anticipation. It’s called ‘geocaching’. The definition of geocaching, according to Google, is “the recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden object, by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website.”

Geocache hidden on the underside of a piece of wood near a tree trunk.

In our case, we were using a smartphone app that gave us a general location (e.g. in a park) and at least one clue. We started in a park near my house, where we found four. Each one had a slip of paper in it where you could log your name and the date of your find. It was neat to see others who had found them before us!


geocache Collage1
Our first find! It was one of the larger ones – an old camera film canister (about 3 inches tall) hidden about 5 and a half feet up in a tree.

The below, left picture was my first find – a “bison tube” that was about two inches long hidden on the back of a post. On the below, right picture you’ll see the one that was the hardest for us to find. It was a “nano” geocache, that was only about an inch in size. It was attached to the underside of an old train caboose with a magnet. There was a tiny roll of paper inside that we signed with our name and date of find, before putting the geocache back for others to find.

geocache Collage2

Part of the fun with geocaching is the anticipation of finding each hidden object. I think that expectation involved with an activity, be it a treasure hunt of sorts or running a race, adds a certain amount of excitement. It’s the suspense of the unknown that makes it fun and worthwhile!

What hobbies do you have? What sort of anticipation is involved with them?

8 thoughts on “The anticipation is what makes it fun”

  1. Anticipation is what makes life fun. I read your blog with anticipation all of the time. And hopefully you anticipated reading my reply?


    1. There was only one where we really struggled to find (and then the one we never did find). I never felt like I lost interest, though. Sometimes people who don’t know about geocaching come across one and move it/take it/etc. so there’s always the chance it may not be where it’s supposed to be.

  2. The kids and I did geocaching once! It was pretty fun. I am not sure why we haven’t done more.

    On another topic did you see that Scott Jurek is running the Appalachian Trial right now, trying to break some sort of record?

    1. It is fun! Great activity to get kids out and about (not that yours really need any motivation to do so). I just did see that in an article yesterday! I’m hoping we’ll see updates on where he is, and maybe we’ll be able to see him when he comes through our area!

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