Decisions, Decisions…

My birthday is a little ways off still, but I’m already starting to think about what I’d like to do this year. Last year Barry and I went bowling, which was a lot of fun. The year before that we went camping at a nearby campground which had giant water slides. That was also a lot of fun. This year, I’m considering four options.

Usually I just do something low-key, and don’t really decide until last minute or so. But a few of my options require a bit of prior planning.

Option one: Imagine Dragons concert in Charlotte, NC on July 7. This one would be a bit of an early celebration (by 5 days), but I’m a big fan of Imagine Dragons. I don’t know what kind of a show they put on, but based on their music I’m figuring it would be a good show. Barry and I haven’t ever gone to a concert together before, either, so that would be fun too.

Option two: Live production of the NPR show Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!. I recently became a podcast listener, and this is one of my favorite shows. It’s kind of like Jeopardy mixed with stand up comedy. I was really excited when they announced they were going to be in Virginia, in my dad’s neck of the woods, on July 23 for a live show. ‘Nuff said.

Option three: Weekend camping at the nearby Rural Retreat Lake & Campground. A lot of times when we go camping it’s for another event: a race, a wedding, etc. Every once in awhile it’s fun to go camping just for the sake of camping. I also like checking out nearby, new-to-us campgrounds. This one has a trail that goes around the lake!

Option four: A day at the CineBowl. I’ve been here once before, recently, with friends. It’s a really neat place that has a movie theater, restaurant, bowling alley, and arcade all rolled into one. We could spend a day there catching a movie, grabbing some food, and then bowling. Or we could eat, then watch a movie, and then bowl. Or we could eat while we bowl and then catch a movie. AND there’s air hockey! You get the idea.


They all have their merits and I think any of these options would be a fun birthday celebration. The easy solution is to do them all, but that’s not going to happen! I’m going to have to choose….

Do you make plans in advance for your birthday?
Low-key or big celebration?

11 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions…”

  1. All of those sound like fun.

    I have never been a big fan of my birthday. Low key was always fine with me, until that surprise party this year. Now I wonder how that will be topped next year?


    1. It’s more of an excuse to do something fun that Barry can’t complain about (although to be honest when he does complain about something I want to do, it’s often with humor and just to give me a had time).

  2. They all sound like fun! I can not believe that you and Barry have not been to a concert together. Chad and I have been to a lot, pre-Hannah, and they are fun. Mainly country concerts.

  3. Oh, I celebrate my birthday,too! I usually plan something low-key, but there is most definitely celebrating 🙂

    I love that you & Barry went on waterslides two years ago. Sounds like fun! We’ve gone to Busch Gardens a few times for my birthday. This year I’ve chosen Go Ape (a ropes/zip line course. Hope we all never get too old to enjoy these things!

    Happy birthday planning!

    1. It’s fun to do something special for the occasion. I’ve been to Busch Gardens once. I’d love to go back sometime. It’s a really nice park from what I remember with lots to do in addition to the thrill rides.

      Go Ape sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. I remember touring the Rural Retreat lake while they were building it. I’ve never seen it since it was filled. I just remember a huge hole, dam, and lots of dirt.

    So which did you pick?

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