Courage to Continue

Tomorrow I will be running the Trail Nut Half Marathon. This will be my fourth race in the Roanoke Non-Ultra Trail Series. This particular race is also a bit special to me, because it was my first Mountain Junkies trail race last year, and second trail race ever.


Last year I ran the 10K, but this year I decided to do the half marathon instead. The park where this race is held is a beautiful park and I can’t wait to run there again!

Trail Nut 10K Mountain Junkies

Today, I’m also linking up with Debbie’s Wednesday Word. I’m a few days late, but still wanted to join in on the fun! This week’s word is courage and it ties in well with tomorrow’s race and trail running in general.

Deb Runs

Trails were completely new to me last year and it took courage for me to sign up for my first trail race. This year, it took even more courage to commit to the trail series.

A little John Bingham wisdom [source]
Running has taught me to have the courage to push myself and know that when I get tired I can still continue. It teaches me to tackle my fears head on. This June that will include my fear of the dark, as I run trails in the middle of the night at Ragnar Appalachians.


As I trained for my very first race back in 2007, my Team in Training coach gave me the below picture before one of my long runs. I think this is when I first started to see the metaphor running has for life, and the life lessons that can be learned from long distance running.


Running can teach you a lot of things. You learn that you’re stronger than you think. You learn how to be strong mentally when the going gets tough. But most of all you learn to have the courage to continue, because running never takes more than it gives.

roosevelt courage2

Who’s racing this weekend?
When was the last time you had to summon your courage and face your fears?

6 thoughts on “Courage to Continue”

  1. I think running through the mountains of WV in the dark will take more courage than I needed last September when running through the outskirts of Frederick, MD at 2 AM. I’m looking forward summoning up the courage, and facing our fears together next month!

    Thank you for linking up!

    1. I agree! At least we had the DC Ragnar as a baby step to prepare 🙂 Since I run after you, just save your horror stories until my leg is done too, okay?

  2. I love that poster with the Polar Bear & Penguins 🙂
    Running just makes life better in so many ways, doesn’t it?
    Good luck at Trail Nut this morning! Your pictures from last year were beautiful!
    I really need to sign up for one of those races…

    1. It’s a good one! Our TNT coach used to give us little things like that all of the time during training, but that one was my favorite. You definitely need to do a Mountain Junkies race next year! They are awesome.

    1. One of my favorite things about the Mountain Junkies RNUTS is finding out about all of these hidden gem trails you never knew were there! They do a great job of showcasing our area.

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