Virginia Beach Sunrise

Virginia Beach Running

Every year I have a week long annual meeting for work, typically in Virginia Beach. Last year it was held the week following Conquer the Cove 25K trail race. This year, it was the week after Blue Ridge. They sure do like choosing weeks where my legs are going to be too tired to do any major running while at the beach.

Virginia Beach

First off, I wanted to say that I was a bit bummed when I found out when our meeting would be this year. It meant I had to miss the Boston Marathon on Monday. I often like to play hooky from work and watch the TV coverage (that’s what leave is for, right?). However, I did record it and am looking forward to watching it this weekend!

It’s been a crazy busy week, and I’ve been going from 7:00 AM to 11PM or so. That, combined with the sounds of freedom flying by overnight, have made for one tired girl. But I managed to drag myself off of the pillow Wednesday morning for an invigorating sunrise run.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach Sunrise

Look what I spotted during my run!

Virginia Beach

The mile 26 marker for the Shamrock Marathon that takes place here in March. I have finished a half marathon on this boardwalk, back in 2007, and I imagined what it would be like to finish a full here. Barry’s face says it all.

Marathon finish
Marathons are fun!

I was able to sneak in another run this morning before starting my work day. I like being out on the boardwalk early in the morning and seeing other people out and about while it’s still quiet and peaceful.

Virginia Beach

I would have liked to get in more running, but it’s probably for the best that I took it a bit easy during the week after Blue Ridge last weekend.

If you travel for work, do you have to adjust your typical workout schedule?
Is anyone else going to be at the beach this year?

9 thoughts on “Virginia Beach Running”

  1. Great pics. We are planning a small family trip to cali so I hope to get some beach running in, we will see. You have to watch Boston, both races were exciting but the women’s especially. Des is in my top two of favorite runners lol

    1. Sounds fun! I got to watch Boston yesterday and it was awesome. The women’s finish was especially exciting, like you said! Desi is one of my favorites, too 🙂

    1. It can be challenging to stick to a regular schedule when traveling, but as long as I get something in I’m good. Variety is the spice of life, right? 😉

  2. “The sounds of freedom flying by” — you crack me up!

    Beautiful pictures of VA Beach, and I’m already signed up for that Shamrock half next year — you should do it too!!

    1. Shamrock is a great race! I think J & A Racing does such a great job. Barry ran the full a few years ago. We were both supposed to run the half when I was in college, but I got mono so we skipped it. It’s still on my list!

  3. Hmmm. I swear I already commented on this post, so if this is a duplicate please delete it and ignore my craziness.

    I was VERY sore after running the Blue Ridge Half and only managed one slow two mile run for the entire week afterward. And then like an idiot, I ran an all-uphill 5k on Saturday 🙂

    Kurt and I ran the Virginia Beach Rock N Roll Half in 2007, too! I’m assuming that’s the one you and Barry ran?

    Even if you didn’t get much running in while you were there, it looks like you still enjoyed the beach. Those pictures are beautiful!

    1. I was pretty sore on Sunday, but then I was running around so much for our conference that I think it worked a lot of the soreness out on Monday and Tuesday. I hope your knee is feeling alright!

      Yes, we ran Rock N Roll in 2007.I remember it being a fun race, but I also remember it being very hot and the boardwalk seeming to go on for forever.

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