2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

Blue Ridge Half Marathon – Race Recap

I’m joining in on Debbie’s Wednesday Word link up this week, in conjunction with my Blue Ridge race recap. This weeks word is rewarding.

Deb Runs

I think running races is very rewarding and it also drives my running. There’s nothing like crossing the finish line after a hard fought day out on the course. It is definitely rewarding and it makes me feel happy and accomplished. Really tough races, like the Blue Ridge Half Marathon, are even more rewarding to finish than other races.

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

We were up early Saturday morning to make the hour drive up to Roanoke. We were able to park in the same lot at Barry’s parents and meet up with them upon arrival. There was a construction porta potty in the parking lot and we took advantage of the short line. The lines at the race porta potties by the start line were really long this year, which we observed as we made our way up to the start line.

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

Barry and I lined up and got ready for the start of the race. The race ended up starting about 5 minutes late, because they were having issues getting the chip timing system ready. It was already starting to heat up, and it was really muggy with 98% humidity.

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

Just after 7:40 AM they fired the starting gun and we were off! As always, it was exciting to cross the start line and begin another 13.1 mile journey – my fourth with Blue Ridge. My legs felt a bit heavy and sluggish as we started out, but I told myself it would be find and they would loosen up. And they did.

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon
We were headed for the star at the top of the mountain.

Just before hitting mile 1, we began our climb up Mill Mountain. This year I decided to use a 0.1 mile run/walk strategy and it worked great for me. I felt good the whole way up Mill Mountain and I really enjoyed the climb and being out there.

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon
This is the spot where I played crossing guard last week


2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

I feel like I conserved energy on the way up. This wouldn’t be necessary if they hadn’t added a second mountain to the course last year, but they did, so I adjusted accordingly.

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon
I’ve never seen so many people walking in a race than I have at Blue Ridge.

Before I knew it we made it to the top, a little over 3 mile into the race. It’s a great view from the Mill Mountain star, looking down on the valley below. Those tall buildings are where we started the race.

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

From there we began the two mile descent back into the valley. There’s a house we pass on the way down that has a little cow statue and they are always handing out “moo-mosas.” This year (can’t remember if they’ve had these before) they had Chik-fil-a themed signs advertising their moo-mosas, which I thought were really fun!

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon
The moo-mosa station
2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon
Old tollgate on the old road to the top of Mill Mountain

The final half mile or so down the mountain becomes very steep. The road looks really neat because it serpentines with tight switchbacks. This part is tough to run, and you have to try and relax and let gravity carry you down and stay right above your feet. I did find this year that my ribcage got really sore on both major descents. I think it’s because I’m still having my ribs worked on to get them right. The good news is I didn’t have any breathing issues during the race!

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

A little before mile 6 I made it off of the mountain and ran back by the bridge we ran over at the start of the race. My dad, sister, and Barry’s parents were waiting there to cheer me on. It gave me a boost to see them!

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

After Mill Mountain, we headed for the Greenway and ran along the river for a little bit. My quads were feeling pretty trashed from the two mile descent down Mill Mountain, but I kept plugging away. I did take a few short walk breaks, but walking didn’t really feel any better than running. There were a few rolling hills through mile 6, but nothing serious compared to what was coming.

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

Around mile 7.5 we began the climb up Peakwood. This was the second climb of the day and I think it is the tougher climb. Mill Mountain is a bigger climb, elevation-wise, but Peakwood packs in more elevation gain in a shorter distance. So I think the grade is steeper. Plus you already have 8 miles on your legs at this point, and one previous mountain.

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon
The banner up ahead was new this year, and said “Welcome to Peakwood, y’all!”

I had hoped to do the run/walk thing again on the way up Peakwood, but I ended up power hiking a lot of it because it is just so steep. It’s a residential area and I can only imagine what it must be like to grow up on this road. Imagine trying to learn to ride your bike on this thing!

Blue Ridge Half Marathon elevation profile

While I was climbing up Peakwood, the leader of the full marathon went by. He was at mile 17 or 18Β at that point, and was climbing his third mountain of the day, and he was crushing it. He ended up breaking the course record by about 3 minutes.

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

I had some issues with my right calf cramping on the way up Peakwood. It was pretty hot at this point and my calf had become sore earlier in the week. We had a bit of a reprieve from the climbing (see elevation chart above) before making the final push to the top. Once again, there was a big party with champagne and all.

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon
There was a patrol dog making sure you didn’t take any alcohol out of the vicinity. πŸ™‚

From there it was another descent down another mountain. This descent is about a mile long and honestly I kind of felt like this part was worse than the climb up. My quads had little waves going through them and I kept waiting for them to completely cramp up. I just hoped I wouldn’t fall on my face on the steep downhill grade if it happened. Luckily, I didn’t have to find out what would happen.

Back on the valley floor we faced another tough climb just before mile 11. It wouldn’t be such a tough climb, and I remember running up this hill when there was just one mountain in the race in 2013. But now there are two and this little hill feels like a third one at that point.

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

After that last big hill, it’s mostly flat and downhill for the final two miles. Except for the last two bridges you have to run back over as you make your way into downtown Roanoke. The bridges felt tough and I felt so tired at this point, but I kept plugging along. Around mile 12.5 Barry met up with me to run me in. He always comes back to collect me.

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

There was one final little hill into downtown and then it was downhill to the finish. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but my goal at this point was to finish sub-3. I squeaked in at 2:59:44 chip time. My little sister captured this picture of me making my way to the finish.

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

Once I finished my right calf and both quads cramped and uncramped in waves. It was never full-on Charlie horse type cramps, at least. Eventually my muscles chilled out a bit and I met back up with Barry, my dad and sister, and Barry’s parents.

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

Barry gave me the rundown from his race. He had a great day and ran a strong race, finishing in 1:51:52. He placed in the top 50 overall and 7th in his age group. My dad and sister (not sure who had the camera) got a great shot of him coming off of Mill Mountain, and my sister got another great one of him finishing.

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

I grabbed some food and we hung out for a bit in the finish are and enjoyed the live music going on in the park. We got to meet up with several friends and hear how their day went, which was fun. It was really hot outside and very sunny, though, and eventually we decided it was time to head home.

2015 Blue Ridge Half Marathon

Blue Ridge is a really tough race, and it is definitely the toughest road race I have ever run. Which makes sense, since it is “America’s Toughest Road Half Marathon” (along with America’s Toughest Road Marathon). This was my fourth year in a row running Blue Ridge and what keeps me coming back year after year is the scenic course, great organization, and the mix of local and world class talent. Not to mention the challenge presented by Blue Ridge. It’s a really neat event to be part of. Added bonus: the local news station does live coverage of the race each year. This year I was on live TV, as Barry ran alongside me towards the finish, for a fullΒ 10 seconds. Just us all alone πŸ™‚ How neat!


It was a hot one this year, and that definitely made things tougher. But I know there will be plenty of Blue Ridge races in my future. Hopefully I’ll keep the streak alive next year!

Have you ever been on live TV?
Who else raced this past weekend? How did it go!?

16 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Half Marathon – Race Recap”

  1. After reading this I’m too scared to ever come run this race with you. You run mountains, I run hills! πŸ™‚

    Congrats to both you and Barry! How cool that you were on TV running. Bill and I were on TV once – at one of the DC marathon expos. Someone called us later and said they’d seen us.

    1. It does go on forever! It’s just a bridge, but it’s a really tough climb especially at the end of the race. There’s a guy that likes to stand at the top of the last “road hill” around mile 11 and tell everyone that’s the last hill. But I always know there are two more bridges to get over, and they’re both no joke either!

  2. Love that you & Barry are on TV together! How cool!! Congrats to you both on a great race. The medal is awesome! Your races are so TOUGH. Not really planning to race in the mountains anytime soon! πŸ™‚

    1. We’re basically famous πŸ˜‰ I think the medal is really neat this year, too, and I loved the half marathon shirts. Come race with us!!

  3. What a grueling race! You’re a rock star and incredibly tough to power your way through that race. Good for you! It sounds like it’s a lot of fun (and a great choice for “Rewarding”). That picture of you and Barry on the screen together is awesome… was someone watching at home to take the picture or did you get to see it later in the day? Too cool πŸ™‚

    1. Tough or stubborn – one or the other πŸ™‚ I really made it tough on myself this year by not being properly trained. I was trained to cover the distance, but not really ready for the elevation.

      The local news does TV coverage of the race each year (which is so cool for a small-ish, local race!) so we DVR’ed it and watched it later in the day.

  4. I love this race! Kurt and I were out there running the half with you guys this year.
    So cool that you and Barry were on TV together! I did a search of Blue Ridge Marathon pictures online and you show up a LOT πŸ™‚
    You always get such great pictures.
    I didn’t know why the race had started late.

    1. There’s just something about it, isn’t there? Sorry to hear you ended up deciding to drop to the half, but it looks like you still had a pretty good day. I know that wasn’t an easy decision, though. Oh dear, I’m a bit embarrassed to hear that I’m dominating the internet when it comes to Blue Ridge pictures, haha. That’s just like getting caught taking the picture in the first place!

  5. Great recap – because of you and Deb, Blue Ridge Half is on my bucket list (even though I know I will question my decision when I eventually run up those hills). It would be rewarding to say you conquered America’s Toughest Race. Congrats on another finish and so fun you were on tv.

    1. You should totally do it! It’s a really tough course, there’s no denying that. They really pack a lot of elevation into 13 miles. But it’s so worth it. The course is beautiful, everyone is so nice, and the race organizers do an amazing job. And although the race continues to grow each year, it still has a small race feel.

  6. I took all the finish photos (thats why I couldnt come meet you at mm12, im still sorry I wasnt there :/), dad got the one of Barry coming down the moutian as I screamed my head off cheering him on!
    Had a great time!
    LYSYR πŸ™‚

    1. It’s okay that you didn’t meet me! I was just giving you a hard time πŸ™‚ You have such a great eye for photography! Thanks again for coming down. We loved having y’all visit for the weekend and having you at the race πŸ™‚

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