2014 Marine Corps Marathon

Runners Tell All: Biggest Fan(s)

It’s time for the November edition of the Runners Tell All link-up! This month is dedicated to the ones who support us. The ones who get up early, chase us around race courses, listen to endless retellings of a race or an epic run, and hug us at the finish line. For me personally, I have two #1 fans: my husband, Barry, and my Dad.

2014 Marine Corps Marathon
From this year’s Marine Corps Marathon. Dad and Barry were my ‘crew.’

Barry and I have always been the couple that runs together but not together. That’s because he is faster than me, although he does have over a foot in height advantage. Often, Barry is also running the race I’m running. But more often than not, he always finishes his own race and then runs back to collect me and encourage me to the finish.

He even comes back to collect me during a full marathon.
He even comes back to collect me during a full marathon.

Barry provides me with a lot of support and encouragement through each of my running endeavors. We support each other, and I am always excited to hear about how his day went and share my own stories from the day.


My Dad is pretty much up for anything I decide to do. He studies race courses and road closures and makes a game plan for ways to see me during the race. He’ll ride his bike all over the race course (often riding 20+ miles) to see me multiple times during a race.


Sometimes he’s in so many locations that I have to write the mile markers I will see him on my hand so I can remember.


The above picture is from the 2013 Thunder Road Marathon. I ended up hitting a rough patch a little over halfway, and my dad ended up just biking alongside me for the rest of the race. He was able to do so, since it was a small race. Having him there to talk to (or at times to tell him to leave me be – sorry Dad!) was the best support I could have asked for. Somewhere past mile 20, I was really struggling. My dad told me “well, I may not have given you the genes to be an elite long-distance runner, but I did give you the genes to finish what you start.” And finish I did.

Finish picture from Marine Corps, but you get the idea.
Finish picture from Marine Corps, but you get the idea.

He has been along to support me for so many of my races – at least 14 races that I can think of off the top of my head. One of the funniest things was this past spring when I told him I was going to participate in the DC Ragnar Relay, a 199 mile overnight relay from Maryland to DC. After explaining to him what it was he let out a long sigh and said “I don’t know about you anymore.” And in the next breath he said “okay, how can I help.” He ended up driving our van, and navigating the whole course, all with little to no sleep for the duration of the event.



Overall, I wouldn’t have had the success I’ve had with running or the guts to enter some of the races I’ve run, without my support crew. Both Barry and my Dad have played a significant role in my running career. And honestly, it wouldn’t be as much fun without someone (or two someone’s, in this case) to share it with.


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20 thoughts on “Runners Tell All: Biggest Fan(s)”

  1. I love this! Your dad and husband are awesome. My dad always memorizes race course maps and spots me at as many locations as he can too. It’s so fun to see someone you know in the middle of a race, it definitely keeps you going!

  2. This…Is…Awesome! Your dad should be the living example of how fathers should support their kids. So awesome that you and Barry run together, it’s makes it so much better. Great post!!!

    1. When I was a kid I thought everyone had a dad like mine, but now I know how lucky I am. I know you know how much fun it is for me to run with Barry, or even run the same event, in your running with Mrs. Schlub.

  3. This is so awesome! I think its so cool that you and Barry run together but not together, and that he comes back for you after he finishes.
    Your dad is the best! I teared up at him telling you he gave you the genes to finish what you started. Totally something my dad would say 🙂

    1. I am very fortunate 🙂 I like sharing running with my husband, but I wouldn’t want to do every single run together. It gets us out of each other’s hair 🙂 Awesome that your son is your biggest fan!

  4. I’ve said this like a thousand times but your dad is so unbelievably awesome. I think it’s more common for hubbies to be supportive (but awesome too of course), but your dad is really something special. Maybe he can adopt me?

  5. If you hadn’t mentioned Roger as being one of your biggest fans, I would have been very surprised! He is amazing, and I can speak from personal experience! Like you, my hubby is also one of my biggest fans, and vice-versa.

    1. How could I not!? It’s awesome that you and Bill support each other the way you do, and have running as something you both love to do and share with each other.

  6. This was so great to read! I’m glad your husband and you run the same races. I too can’t run with my husband because he is much faster than I am but it is still nice to know he runs!

    Your Dad is awesome! I’m so glad he shows up at so many spots on your races and supports you. What a blessing!

    1. I think it’s fun just to know someone else you know and care about is also out there on the course- they don’t necessarily have to be running with you. What is it with these speedy husbands?? 🙂

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