2014 Star City Half Marathon

A race, a game, a little training, and a lot of cleaning

I don’t typically do weekend recaps, but I figured why not since I’m not currently doing any kind of weekly training/workout recap. This past weekend was a whirlwind of a weekend, anyway.

Friday evening after work I picked up our turkey for Thanksgiving. We ended up buying a turkey from Virginia Tech that was raised by the Poultry Science Club and processed by the VT Meat Center. Bearing in mind that Virginia Tech’s mascot is the Hokie Bird, I found this kind of funny. Don’t worry, we’re having ham, too.

Friday started bright and early with the Star City Half Marathon in Roanoke. It was a very chilly 21 degrees during the race, and I was underdressed and freezing the whole time. My running buddy, Kim, and I ran together. Despite the cold we had a pretty good time.

We are the two on the far right.

Barry also ran the race and had a pretty good day, finishing in 1:41 and change. He placed 10th in a very competitive 30-34 age group. He recently aged up to this new age group, and was bummed to find that if he were still 29 he would have placed first in his age group by about 5 minutes. Tough break.


After the race and hanging out for a bit we hit the road to head home. It felt so good to put my sweat pants on, but it took me nearly the entire hour drive home to warm up and stop shaking. Full race report on Wednesday!

2014 Star City Half Marathon

The rest of the day was spent watching the Hokies take on Wake Forest. All I can really say about the game is both teams suck, and it ended in a 6-3 win for the Demon Deacons in double overtime. Then Barry put the Christmas lights up on the roof. We won’t turn them on until closer to Christmas, but were taking advantage of the favorable weather. We ended Saturday with our big grocery store trip for Thanksgiving. They had everything I needed except chives. Who runs out of chives!?

Sunday morning we got to sleep in (and by that I mean we got to wake up without an alarm, which is nice). I did some stuff around the house and then we headed back up to Roanoke for some Search & Rescue training with the bloodhounds.

We worked on a long trail that crossed two roads and a paved foot bridge, and then did some lineup work (identifying someone in a lineup). We also worked on a trail where the person we were tracking went in an elevator and up three levels in a parking garage. The dogs would get off at each floor and if they didn’t pick up the trail we would get back on the elevator and go up another floor. At some point I need to do a full post about these trainings. I don’t have any pictures from training, but here’s one that shows what Hank and Scout do afterwards! They are always totally worn out.

bloodhounds sleeping

The rest of Sunday afternoon and evening was spent doing lots of cleaning around the house. My Dad and sister will be staying with us Tuesday through Saturday, and we will have 8 people total for Thanksgiving dinner. I had to get the house in order! I did get to relax a bit before bed and watch the AMA’s. I enjoyed watching most of the performances, and I thought Pitbull was a great host.

Did you have a busy weekend?
What are you Thanksgiving plans?
We are playing host again this year!
Who raced this weekend?

12 thoughts on “A race, a game, a little training, and a lot of cleaning”

  1. Can’t wait for your race report! Kurt ran the Star City Half several years ago. I did the 5k. I’d like to do the Half one day 🙂
    Hosting holidays stresses me out! We’ll be going down to my parent’s house in NC.

    1. I didn’t know y’all had run the race. You should definitely come run the half sometime. I think you’d enjoy it! I hope you had a stress-free holiday 🙂

  2. Brrrr. They better get some heat in that valley before we head up for the Drumstick Dash, or a few Bloody Derby’s (that’s a Bloody Mary with bourbon) may be in order.

    See you tomorrow!


  3. We had a pretty relaxing weekend, and that was really nice! I just finished with my last client of the day, so I’m heading to the grocery store now. We’re hosting Julie’s family for Thanksgiving dinner.

  4. Pretty relaxing weekend here…Evan had a 2-day swim meet but I went one day and Chris went the other so we both had an at-home day. We’ve decided if you’ve seen one swimming event you’ve seen them all so we don’t both go to all meets anymore. Evan seems content with one or the other of us as long as we take turns. Yesterday, it was rainy and dark all day so I was practically forced to stay in bed and watch Gilmore Girls most of the afternoon. And Campbell and I played dolls.

    I think the 30-39 age groups are so tough! I am excited to turn 40 in March and get out of the 30’s. Glad you had a fun weekend! Enjoy your week w/ company!

    1. That’s good that he doesn’t mind if y’all split the swim meet. Those two day meets can be so long. Don’t you love when the weather forces you to bit the bullet and just spend the day on the couch? 😉

    1. It was a blast running with Kim, but I think we both could have used a few more layers. I don’t know when I’ll get the post about S&R done. I’d love to have a few pictures of our dogs while they’re tracking to include, but I also don’t want to distract them from their work.

  5. I think I am still thawing out from Saturday! It was fun to run together. Thanks for staying with me and keeping me moving!

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