Pandapas Pond

Happy Trails

Recently I sat down and took a few pictures I’ve captured while running and created some more “homemade motivation.” This time it’s homemade motivation, trail-style, since I’ve got a lot of trail races coming up this spring!

The first photo comes from a trail run at Pandapas Pond. The quote is something I thought up myself that I think goes well with trail running 🙂

Pandapas Pond

The below picture is one I snapped while running the Trail Nut 10K in Bedford this past spring. As usual, it was one of those times where I had no idea I’d actually captured a really good picture until I got home and loaded the photo onto my computer. The quote is from a book I’m currently reading called Continental Quotient, by Kristen Lodge.

2014 Trail Nut 10K

I got a photo of this bridge while running trails in the Wolf Creek Day Use area of the Jefferson National Forest on my birthday this past July. The quote was inspired by a Tom Brokaw quote about running.

Jefferson National Forest Wolf Creek Day Use Area Trail Running

The below scene comes from the 2014 Conquer the Cove 25K trail race. Specifically, it is during a roughly 2 mile climb up a mountain from miles 8-10. The quote just fits this part of the race, and the race as a whole, perfectly. I came across the quote on several motivational posters on Pinterest, but I couldn’t find the source.

2014 Conquer the Cove 25K

Finally, I had to end with some motivation from Dean Karnazes, of course. Photo taken on the Snake Root Trail at Pandapas Pond.

Pandapas Pond Trail Running Motivation

And I stopped there because five seemed like enough, and six seemed excessive.

Are you feeling motivated? 🙂

16 thoughts on “Happy Trails”

    1. Yes, I’ve got a half marathon just for fun this Saturday. It’s one nearby that I’ve wanted to do for awhile, and I’m running it with my running buddy, so I’m really excited!

    1. Yay! Trails are their own special challenge, but they are a lot of fun. The atmosphere at a trail race is the best. Totally different from a road race!

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