Weekly Workout Roundup – May 19 – 25

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all those that serve our country and protect our freedom. And especially thank you to all those that gave the ultimate sacrifice, and to their families.


Monday- Planned rest day. I think all my time spent outside over the weekend really caught up with me, as my allergies tried to kill me on Monday.

Tuesday- Cross training — Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones DVD (55 minutes). My allergies were still giving me a hard time, so I stuck to an indoors workout.

Wednesday- 6 mile evening run on the treadmill while watching Jeopardy (Jan have you tried this yet??). I was still muddling through allergies, but I wanted to run. So I decided a treadmill run would be best. My hamstrings and glutes were really sore from Tuesday’s Jillian workout. I stretched a lot after this run, but my muscles tightened right back up within 30 minutes or so. Oh, and Sven wasn’t nearly as squeaky this week, but he’s still in the doghouse…

Thursday- 3 mile evening run on the treadmill. More Jeopardy watching happened (Julia is now a 15 day champion!!).

Friday- Rest day. I had intended on doing a 30 minute cross training session after work, but I was whipped.

Saturday- 6 mile trail run at Hungry Mother State Park, immediately followed by a 2 mile hike (that turned into a 1 mile hike, 1 mile run). So I guess 7 miles total of running with 1 mile of hiking between miles 6 and 7.

Hungry Mother State Park Trails

Full recap (and plenty of pictures) on Wednesday!

Sunday- 5 mile run with Kim on the Dora Trail. We had a new, cute friend join us right at the beginning of our run. He was pretty excited to tag along!


He didn’t have a collar on and we have no idea who he belongs to. Surprisingly enough, that dog ran with us the entire way. He even technically did more than 5 miles, since he would run ahead and then run back to us.


Once we got back to the train depot, he found a shady spot to lay down and rest. When I opened my car door, he ran over and tried to get in. Then, as Kim was leaving he stood in front of her car to block her. Eventually he went on his way and we were both able to leave.


He sure was a cute little guy. Maybe we will see him again sometime.

Total Miles: 21 miles

8 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Roundup – May 19 – 25”

  1. How cute that the dog came with you the whole way! I sure hope he belongs to someone and found his way home. 😦

  2. Sounds like you had a pretty good week, pollen and all. Finally broke out the two wheeler for a few short trips around the ‘hood. Took in the Viva Vienna fair, which this year blocked the W&OD at the old Railroad Station. Lots of vendors and they have even added rides. Nothing like the couple of booths and vendors we ran into a few years ago.


    1. It was a good week, minus the pollen. I wonder how the silks felt about the Vienna fair? Sounds like it has really grown! I felt like it was pretty crowded on the trail a few years ago, when it just had the handful of booths and vendors.

    1. He sure seemed to! He was such a happy little guy…. if I didn’t already have two dogs AND if I knew he didn’t already belong to someone, he may have come home with me. But he seemed to know the area, so I’m guessing he lives somewhere in town.

  3. Cudos to your Memorial Day shout out. Dying laughing about Sven, that gets me every time lol. Nice trail run on Saturday, and way to get after it for an extra running mile. That’s cool the pup tagged along for the run. Hope he had a home in the area.

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