Recurring nightmares

Every once in awhile, I have nightmares while sleeping. Sometimes I go months without having any, while other times I will have several in the span of a week. You would think my nightmares would center around the thing I’m most scared of, which for me would be losing or having something happen to my loved ones or my dogs. My second worst fear is that our house would burn down. But these are not the things that I dream about. All of my nightmares center around insects, spiders, and most recently snakes.

My most recent nightmare is from last week, and I still remember it clearly. It involves the aforementioned snake. I dreamt there was a black snake spiraling up the post of the lamp on my night stand. I woke up with my heart pounding so hard it felt like it was going to come out of my chest. I jumped out of bed to see if the snake was on my lamp. I still wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or not. I couldn’t use my cell phone to shine a light on my lamp, because it was right next to the lamp, and I couldn’t turn on the lamp itself because there was possibly a snake on it.

Instead, I opened my night stand drawer and pulled out one of my flashlights (yes, I have several. I’m scared of the dark….). I shined it on the lamp and saw that there wasn’t a snake. For good measure I pulled the covers back on the bed to make sure there wasn’t one at the foot of the bed either. Then I set my flashlight on the night stand, climbed back into bed, and tried to calm down enough to fall back asleep. Barry slept through the entire thing.

The next day we went out to dinner together after work, and I recounted the dream and the events of the night to him. We both had a good laugh, but I assure you it wasn’t funny while it was happening.

As I mentioned, my nightmares usually involve insects or spiders. I’ll dream there are hundreds of cockroaches crawling down the wall towards the bed, or that there’s a spider on my pillow or on my face. These dreams always end in me jumping out of bed with my heart racing and my body shaking. Sometimes I also feel the need to rip my pillow or the blankets off of the bed before I’m fully awake. Those are the times Barry usually gets woken up.

The crazy part is I’m not actually scared of snakes, spiders, or insects. I don’t particularly care for them and usually try to avoid them, but I don’t go running when I encounter one of them. Maybe I have some subconscious fear of them, or maybe my brain just likes to play mean jokes on me while I’m sleeping.

Do you have recurring dreams or nightmares? 

9 thoughts on “Recurring nightmares”

  1. Ha! Isn’t it funny to talk about your dream and recount it that much later? Usually I ave vivd pictures right when I wake up, but they dissipate later in the day, unless it is a particularly creepy dream. Last night I had a semi-weird one that D and I were going to leave our lives and join a witness protection program….for no real reason. It was odd!

  2. I have had a reoccurring dream that I find a room, or wing in our house that we didn’t know existed. I’ve dreamt it many, many times, but only in the ten years we’ve lived in our current house. Also for years (since I was very young), I’ve had dreams about stairs that are to scary to climb or lead to nowhere, or are very open and with no railing so I’m afraid to use them. Crazy, huh?

  3. So weird!! Especially since you aren’t terrified of those things when awake. I used to dream ALL THE TIME that I was on the Batman rollercoaster at Six Flags and after the ride started my harness came off. (it’s a roller coaster in which you hang and do a few corkscrews). And then there’s not one where someone is chasing me but I can’t run…

  4. Those dreams sound TERRIBLE. Just terrible. I had a recurring dream for a long time when I was young that my grandmother’s house was on fire while I was spending the night. None of us paid much attention to the fire until we couldn’t get out.I also have a dream that I’m driving the car passively from the backseat and can’t turn the wheel enough when we get to a curvy (mountainous) part of a road and we all go over the edge. Once a coworker of mine looked up all of our crazy recurring dreams and ALL of them could easily be found online. I thought I was the “only one” having a certain type of dream. Have you looked into the explanation online?

    1. They definitely freak me out! I’ve never looked them up online, but now I’m curious to look up mine, as well as everyone else’s dreams! I’m not sure… which posts did you comment on with your phone? I don’t have any kind of comment moderation or approval, just the verification code thing.

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