Back to back to back

This past weekend I ran the Blacksburg Classic 10 Miler. The race was originally supposed to be held on February 15, but it got postponed due to snow. They rescheduled it to March 2, setting up my very first back to back to back for longer distance races.

Last year I had three races on three consecutive weekends, but they were a color run 5K, a 3.2 mile race, and the Blue Ridge Half. That totaled 19.4 miles of racing for the three weekends. This year it’s going to be this past weekend’s 10 mile race, a trail half marathon (my first trail race), and the Asheville Half Marathon at the Biltmore Estate. That’s a total of 36.2 miles.

I’m a bit worried about the challenge these three races are going to present. I’m also not quite sure what kind of mileage to run during the week in between these races. I hope I am able to run strong during all three. It feels a bit daunting, but then I remember how last fall I was going from a 16 mile run one weekend, to 18 miles the next, and then to 20 miles during marathon training.

The logical part of my brain says this is doable and it’s kind of like I’ve already been there. The emotionally driven part of my brain (the part with no sense) is freaking out about the fact that this is different from marathon training because these are races, not training runs. 

Barry is also doing the back to back to back. He did the 10 miler this past weekend and this weekend he will also run the trail half. Then in Asheville he’s actually doing the full marathon. He’s a bit crazier than I am! And to put the cherry on top of all that fun, he’s also running the Blue Ridge full marathon 5 weeks after Asheville. And y’all thought my race schedule was packed!

Have you ever done races on back to back (to back) weekends? 

How much running would you do in between these three weekends if you were me? 

5 thoughts on “Back to back to back”

  1. I have no experience in back to back longer races, but I think a lot of it depends on if you’re actually going to RACE them or just run them easy!

    1. I don’t plan to race any of them. This weekend’s trail half was more about survival than anything 🙂 Yay! Glad your picture is back!

  2. Bill and I used to run three marathons in four weeks, which meant two were back-to-back. I’d recommend treating your races as long runs and running your regular runs during the week unless you’re wanting to race on of your races. Then you might want to cut back on your weekly mileage a bit!

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