Eggs for days

Usually the first thing I get asked about our chickens is how many eggs we get. My answer: one egg per chicken per day. So we get 6 eggs per day.

The most common follow-up question to that is: What do you do with all of those eggs? Some of y’all have even asked me that in the comments.

So what do we do with all of those eggs? Well, we eat them! I’ve always been a big fan of eggs for breakfast, and scrambled eggs with hot sauce is one of my favorites.

We also fix a lot of fried eggs for breakfast. I had never eaten eggs any other way than scrambled until our chickens started laying eggs. Then Barry and my dad introduced me to fried eggs while we were on vacation at the beach. I like to cook them until the yolk is cooked all the way through, and then eat them on a piece of toast.

Since the chickens started laying eggs, we started eating more dishes with eggs in them for dinner as well. One of our favorites is quiche. I usually use 5 or 6 eggs for quiche, and will often make a chicken rice and veggie quiche or a spinach and cheese quiche. Around the holidays we also often make ham and cheese quiche, one of my dad’s specialties, for breakfast.

A lot of the dishes we already commonly eat call for eggs, like cornbread chicken pot pie.

Much to Barry’s delight, I have also started making egg custard pie. It is one of his favorites that his mom makes, and she was nice enough to share the recipe with me. I don’t think mine is as good as hers, but it’s still pretty good! This used to be something we only had on his birthday and on Thanksgiving, but now I’ll make it every other month or so.

I also have made homemade bread a few times, using the popular braided bread recipe. I don’t make that too often, though, because it’s hard to exercise control when the house smells like warm, fresh bread!

Lately, I have been hard boiling eggs and packing one or two in my lunch each day for work. The only thing with that is that hard boiled eggs don’t peel very easily when the eggs are fresh. It would be very difficult to peel them to make deviled eggs, but they don’t have to be pretty to go in my lunch and they taste just fine.

Towards the end of the summer last year, we also traded eggs with our neighbor for produce from his garden. In exchange for eggs he gave us tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini. I’m hoping to do the same sort of trades with him this summer! We also took eggs to Barry’s parents, my dad, grandparents, and uncle (who hosted a family get-together) over the holidays. They make for a good “thank you for housing and feeding me” or “thanks for hosting” gift.

With all that being said, I don’t necessarily eat eggs everyday. But we certainly have a surplus of them and they are always readily available anytime I need them for a recipe. There were times in the past where I’d find myself running out to the store because we were out of eggs and I needed one or two to fix dinner. That doesn’t happen anymore. I still occasionally find myself having to run out to the store because we are out of milk, though. Maybe I should look into getting a dairy cow next?

What would you do if you were getting six eggs per day?

Got any good egg recipes for me?  

16 thoughts on “Eggs for days”

  1. 6 eggs every day seems like a lot to me, but after reading I guess I really COULD find things to do with them ~ especially with two growing boys in the house. I’ve never had egg custard pie. πŸ™‚

  2. I would eat so many eggs if I had chickens! I do love them, but usually more at night and during the day as hard boiled. You are so right about fresh eggs being hard to peel when hard boiled! I have tried it before and it is frustrating. Maybe you can try poaching the egg to cook it the whole way through and then cool it down so its like a hard boiled egg but not in the shell?

    1. Very frustrating πŸ™‚ I have to remember I’ll be rewarded with a hard boiled egg when I finally get the shell off, or I’m tempted to throw it out.

  3. YES. A cow would be awesome. I keep trying to convince KMN that we need one – just a miniature cow! He keeps saying no. *sigh* Clearly, he’s Asian (tend not to be big into dairy products).I LOVE eggs, too – scrambled for breakfast, quiche sometimes, or a fritratta (sorta crust-less quiche), and I always have scrambled eggs around for munching. I like to use my eggs for baking, as well! [Also, I’m curious about your egg custard pie – there are little goodies called Egg Tarts in Singapore – one of my husband’s favorites – and they are mini pies filled with an egg-like custard. I wonder how similar your recipe is to these?]Question: Is someone having a double (fried egg) in the griddle picture, or did you get a double-yolk egg? Does that happen often?

    1. Waited long enough for Meagan to reply.She showed up at the beach with the first of her girls eggs. That morning I made pancakes and since I don’t eat them, I asked for the eggs. That doubler was the very first egg cracked open.Dad.

    2. One of her chickens lays a double yolk egg each time I believe. When I was baking a cake with some of her eggs I was unsure of what to do- count them as one egg or two! I kept it as the usual “one” and the cake turned out fine.

    3. It would be awesome if y’all got a miniature cow! Maybe you can convince him? Our egg custard pie is a mix of eggs, evaporated milk, flour, sugar, butter, and spices/flavoring and it’s crustless. It’s not actually custard in the pudding/filling-sense.And that egg in the camping stove picture was a double yolk egg. When the chickens first started laying we got a lot of double yolkers, but not so much anymore. I had to wait until our data usage for the internet to roll over before I could answer comments πŸ™‚

  4. I agree with Holly; you need a cow! I love scrambled eggs best of all the ways to make them for breakfast. I make omelets with lots of veggies every few months for dinner. Yum!

  5. OK – easy and awesome way to eat a fried egg. It sounds weird, but a PB & fried egg sandwich is DELICIOUS! My husband introduced me to them, and I’ve been hooked for years. Yum!

  6. I can’t even tell you how jealous I am of your eggs!! I get farm eggs from a couple people and they are sooooo incredibly good but dang they aren’t cheap to buy! I have fried egg on toast every day before work. I don’t cook my yolk though. I love it runny! I can definitely tell the difference between fresh eggs & store bought when I eat it that way. Love all of your recipe ideas! Do you ever give them to the dogs? I used to put a raw egg in my dog’s food sometimes.

    1. You should buy your own chickens instead πŸ™‚ Your turn to do Chick Days this year. I agree with you- there is definitely a difference in fresh and store bought eggs. The fresh ones are much richer! The only time we have given the eggs to the dogs is when I accidentally drop one while bringing them inside. Then they get to clean up the mess. I have heard a raw egg can help a sick dog feel better, though.

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