Here I go again

Last year, ironically right around this time, I did my very first 30 Day Shred workout. I decided that the only way to get the full experience would be to complete the true 30 Day Shred. That means for the next 30 days I completed a shred workout each day. I spent the first ten days at level 1, then moved up to level 2 for the next 10 days, and finally finished the last 10 days at level 3. Back then I hadn’t fully invested in the program. I had the yoga mat (recommended when working out on a hard surface) but I used cans of apple pie filling as my weights.

I have since invested in actual hand weights to use during the workouts. The last time I did the full 30 Day Shred program, I did not change any of my eating habits and for the most part I maintained my running schedule. I felt like I did become stronger, particularly in my core, which felt like it helped my running.

After all of my Jillian Michaels workouts last week I kind of had Jillian on the brain. So on Tuesday night I randomly decided to complete the 30 Day Shred program again. I started on Wednesday morning with level 1.

I plan to follow the same format as last time, spending 10 days at each level before moving up to the next. I also plan to stick to a regular running schedule (although I’m not following any training plans this time around). The difference? This time I plan to try and be very mindful of what I’m eating during the next 30 days.

More salads.

The DVD cover for the 30 Day Shred advertises “Lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days!”

I’m going to put that to the test. I weighed myself before the day 1 workout so that I can keep track. I plan to try and keep my eating clean and be mindful of the portions I’m eating. I also plan to keep up my regular running schedule. We will see what happens.

Have you ever put a workout system to the test? 
About two years ago I did the complete p90x program (90 days). During that time I also watched what I was eating, and I lost close to 15 pounds and became a lot stronger. But by the end of the program I was so sick of p90x and Tony. 
What are some of your go-to healthy snacks?  

10 thoughts on “Here I go again”

  1. Good luck, but most importantly keep it enjoyable! Bill and I have P90X2 and as annoying as Tony can be, I really enjoy the workouts. I’m sure I told you that it was during those workouts that I injured my back, or really I should say it was the straw that broke the camel’s back (mine). I don’t blame the workout though. I came in from a 16-mile run and completed one of the workouts when I was too tired, failed to keep my core engaged, and overdid it. Bill continues with the workouts. I’m considering starting them again, but if I feel a particular exercise is not good for me, I’ll jump on my bike during that segment. I probably should just stay away from some discs (plyometrics – although it’s my favorite).

    1. Thanks! The p90x workouts are definitely a good workout. I just put them on mute or low volume 🙂 My body would probably revolt, too, if I tried to make it do a p90x workout after a 16 mile run.

  2. I have complete full programs (Insanity, P90X, P90X2, Turbo Fire….) but I don’t really do it to lose weight just to try and improve my strength and do new things.Good luck with the Shred – love all of Jillian’s workouts!

    1. Thanks for the snack suggestions! Apples always make me feel hungry for some reason, but my favorite way to eat them is in oatmeal for breakfast.

  3. Good luck with your workouts!! I always feel so silly doing workouts on T.V. I need to get over that!! My favorite snack are peanut butter energy bites (equal amounts PB & oatmeal, 1/4 as much honey, whatever else you want to throw it). They are pretty calorie dense but they are a great snack and stick with you for a long time because of the protein.

    1. I felt silly when I first started the p90x program, which was my first time doing a workout with a DVD. But I got over it and it doesn’t bother me now :)I remember you talking about those pb energy bites when you were looking for something to feed Evan while he was eating you out of house and home!

  4. Way to go with committing to this and good luck! I love raw almonds. And veggies with hummus. Granola with plain yogurt, too, but I’m not sure how “healthy” that is sometimes (store bought granola has a ton of sugar but everything I make myself just is not the same so I go with the store bought).

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