Thunder Road Marathon Training – Week 18

I am in the final stretch of my training, now, and am beginning my taper. I’m still having to keep my running dialed down more than I’d like, in an effort to keep my left shin feeling good. However, I am hoping to follow my training plan as scheduled this week.

Monday- Rest day after running back to back 10 milers over the weekend.

Tuesday- 7 miles with 5 at marathon pace with Sven. I was planning to run at the local trail but then I had to work late and the sun was going to set, so the treadmill it was. I felt really good, breathing stayed easy the whole time and it wasn’t taxing on my legs. The only time my shin hurt was when I had to stop partway through my run for a bathroom break. It hurt when I started back, but quickly went away. Strange how my leg hurts if I stop running and then start again. Good motivation to just run the entire marathon and not take any breaks, right? 🙂

Something happened to me that has never happened before while running. I ate two Shot Bloks part way through my run, and I choked on the second one. As I was coughing, part of it went up into my nose! If I had been running on a trail I would have stopped in my tracks while I sorted that out, but for whatever reason I kept going since I was on the treadmill. It was quite an uncomfortable feeling and I hope it never happens to you.

Wednesday- Found myself back at the pool for another swim. This time I ended up doing 3,000 yards. It feels good to be back in the water, but I definitely do not have the upper body strength I used to have. In case you’re interested, here’s what I did:

2 x 500 free
5 x 200: 50 free fast, 50 free easy, 50 back hard, 50 free easy
2 x 200: 100 I.M. (1 lap of each stroke- fly, back, breast, free), 100 free
200 kick, alternating between free and breast
1 x 200: 100 I.M., 100 free
200 free cool down


My swim bag is enjoying my recent pool outings. It had been under the bed in the guest room for the past 3 years.

Thursday- Rest. Turns out I really wore myself out with Wednesday’s swim. I was more than happy to take a rest day and hand out candy to the children who were begging for food on my door step (and by that I mean Halloween).


Friday- Rest. Wanted to give my leg another rest day so that I could get in a solid 14 miler on Saturday.

Saturday- Met up with Kim at the Huckleberry Trail. I ran 5 miles with her and then tacked on another 9 for a total of 14 miles. My shin felt pretty good. It only hurt when I first started running, but then went away. However, the rest of my body was feeling very tired and it did make for a tough run. That kind of worried me a bit, as I wondered whether a 14 mile run should feel tough two weeks before the marathon (keep in mind I didn’t get to do my peak week last week, so it’s not like I’m coming off of a high mileage week). But I know that some runs are tough, and I’m proud that I have the endurance to be able to push through 14 miles on a tough day. Not too long ago 14 miles was the furthest I had ever run.

Sunday- Pilates and p90x ab workout. I also watched the NYC Marathon, which should count as well.

I really enjoyed the national TV coverage of the race. Buzunesh Deba, a Bronx resident from Ethiopia, ran out in front from the get go for the women. With 10 miles to go, Priscah Jeptoo of Kenya started closing the gap, finally passing Deba in Central Park in the final miles. Jeptoo made her move and never looked back, breaking the tape in 2:25:07, simultaneously winning the NYC Marathon and the World Marathon Majors series title. But Deba never let up and finished a strong second in 2:25:56.

On the men’s side, Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya solidly won the race in 2:08:24. He stayed with a pack of about 10 runners for the first 18 or so miles, before breaking away from the pack. From there he put the hammer down and finished 52 seconds ahead of the second place finisher, Tsegaye Kebede of Ethiopia. With his second place finish, Kebede secured the Marathon Majors series title. Both he and Jeptoo earned a $500,000 bonus by doing so.

Watching the NYC Marathon really got me excited for my own race in two weeks. I cannot wait to experience running 26.2 miles for myself. Of course I’m nervous and downright terrified. But I’m also excited. Bring it on!

Total Miles: 21

This week’s schedule:
Monday: 5 miles
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 5 miles
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 5 miles
Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday: Rest

8 thoughts on “Thunder Road Marathon Training – Week 18”

  1. One more week and I start packing for Charlotte. Went to ride this past week and had a flat. All fixed and ready to chase you around the course.And that swim bag looks good. Go Mighty Gorilla (summer swim team mascot)!!LUD.

    1. I’ve already started my packing list! Glad you got your bike fixed. Having a flat is one of my worst fears while riding a bike. Here comes the king, Here comes the big number one! Villa Gorillas are second to none!

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