The most awkward high five ever

First off, Halloween went off without a hitch. We probably had close to 25 kids come by. There were a lot of cute costumes and a few that actually scared me. I would turn around to check if there was anyone at the door and there’d be some form of scary mask standing there. When I told some of the kids their costumes were scary they seemed to take it as a compliment. Huh.

Two funny things to note: First, I had one kid tell me that our house smelled good. He actually looked around me into the house and took a big whiff as he said that. I had made frozen pizza for dinner. Second, there was one group of kids that came up and the first one to the door couldn’t have been more than 4 years old. After I gave her candy, she proceeded to get in the back of the line and came through again! I thought it was so cute, so I did give her more candy on her second go around.

My jack-o-lanterns
My little sister’s jack-o-lantern. She carved a minion from Despicable Me.

This morning I met up with Kim for a long run on the Huckleberry Trail. We ran 5 miles together and then I ran another 9 for a total of 14 miles. My left shin hurt when we first started running, but then it felt fine the rest of the time. However, the rest of me was really tired and I had a bit of a tough run.

Towards the end of my run, I was part of the most awkward high five I have ever had. This guy was running towards me, and we had seen each other at least 3 times already. As he got close he said “Hello, again!” and I replied “Hey!” Then he held his hand out, kind of low. I wasn’t sure if he was holding it out just to wave on his way by or if it was for a high five. I decided on high five, but as I put my hand out he started to pull his back. Then he stuck his back out just as we were passing and just our fingertips brushed. It was by far the most awkward and weak high five I have ever participated in. Neither one of us acknowledged it and we both just kept running.

Once I got home from my long run, I watched the Hokies play Boston College. They played as well as they did last weekend against Duke (we lost last weekend and I think we turned the ball over at least six times). But that’s typical of a game against Boston College. They never seem to have a good season, but they run around ruining other team’s seasons. Today’s loss was our own fault, though. That’s all I have to say about that.

Now that that’s over, I plan to spend the rest of the day relaxing inside and out of the wind (it’s really windy today). I’ve been reading Allegiant, the third book in the Divergent Trilogy that came out last week. But I’ve been having a hard time getting into it, because it switches between being told from the perspective of two main characters every chapter. Maybe I can finally get into it today. I can’t wait for the movie in March, though! Which reminds me, Catching Fire comes out November 22. Yes!!
If you carved a pumpkin this year, what design did you do?
Have you ever had an “awkward” high five experience?
If you’re reading Allegiant, are you having a hard time getting into it? Who’s looking forward to the premiere of the next Hunger Games movie??

14 thoughts on “The most awkward high five ever”

  1. I am giggling! You crack me up. That is so incredibly awkward and it would make me twinge just thinking of it. God, I hope you never have to run into him again! Or if you do, you can laugh about it and she him this post.

    1. I also hope I never see him again! I don’t really know what his face looked like anyway, just that he was wearing a lime green shirt. So hopefully if I do run into him again, I won’t know it!

  2. I bought the pumpkin, your sister carved it and you posted it. Had about 50 kid this year.Sounds more like an air-five to me.LUD.

  3. Haha that high five sounds funny! I skipped my long run today in hopes that my left leg will stop bothering me but it’s so pretty outside and watching the NYC marathon this morning really made me want to run!I’ve never read or seen the Hunger Games! I just dunno if I can get into it haha.

    1. I’m sorry to hear your leg is bothering you. That is no fun at all. The marathon was so inspiring, though!I think you should give reading the first book of the Hunger Games a try. I bet you’ll get hooked! I definitely recommend reading the book before seeing the movie.

    1. Yea, I can’t wait! I already have it planned out. My husband and I will watch the first movie Friday night and then to go the first showing on Saturday (the 23rd).

  4. I love the Despicable Me pumpkin! So cute. Props to your sis.I can’t say I’ve ever had an awkward high five (and to be honest, if I did, I probably forgot about it 5 seconds later), but sometimes when I’m out cheering at races in Singapore, folks hold their hands out for high fives. At those moments, I always wish I had a sign to hold, because the truth is…high fiving supremely sweaty strangers (hey, I’m a runner, I know where those hands have been over the last 10 miles) is rather gross to me. But I feel like a bad sport if I decline, so I give them a ‘five, and count down until I can wash my hands! 🙂

    1. She’s very talented 🙂 I acknowledge the inevitable germs that come along with a high five, and a sweaty high five, but I just accept it and move on. I’m building immunities, right?? That being said, when I’m running a road race I never initiate the high five. But if a spectator, particularly a kid, happens to be holding his/her hand out I will usually high five him/her.

  5. You sister’s Minion pumpkin is adorable! I didn’t carve pumpkins this year and I didn’t even get out my pre-carved electric Jack-o’-lanterns either. I cracked up as I read your awkward high five play-by-play! I wonder if the guy even gave it a second thought?

    1. I loved her pumpkin, too! Now I kind of wish I knew what he thought of our high five. What if he was just waving and thinks I’m the one who initiated the awkwardness!? I totally did not initiate… 🙂

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