Three Things Thursday

1. Say hello to Marvin the moose!

I saw him in a catalog and I couldn’t resist. When we put up our Christmas decorations in December, he will take up residence in our front yard. Quote from the catalog: “He has tons of personality and is the perfect way to greet your holiday guests.” That’s some great marketing right there. I had to have him.

2. Check out these amazing photos captured at the finish line of the Twin Cities Marathon. Talk about inspiration!

I wonder which face I’ll make next weekend (OMG less than 10 days!!!).

3. A couple articles you may enjoy:

50 Fittest Colleges in America – Guess who’s #1!! I’m not just sharing because of that, though. I think it is really interesting to see which schools made the list and why.

Slow Marathon Runners – My dad sent me this article about slow marathon runners, and one slow marathon runner in particular. As far as I’m concerned the slower you go, the more you’re getting for your marathon dollar!

On a serious note, I don’t have a problem with how fast or slow anyone completes a marathon. Granted, you should probably make sure you can complete the race within the cut off time. But the beauty of road racing and marathoning is that it’s versatile enough to embrace the elite runner as well as your “average Joe.”

If you decorate for the holidays, what is your favorite decoration?
It’s a toss up between my new buddy Marvin and our Christmas tree.

What kind of face do you make when you cross a finish line?

18 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday”

  1. Not sure I really have a favorite Christmas decoration. I have several cherished decorations because they have special meaning. Since most of those are on the tree, I will have to go with that.Every finish line in life should produce a look of joy no matter what anyone thinks. I find solace in knowing “I have done the best I can”. Noli illegitimi carborundum

  2. Marvin is so cute!!! Aww those pictures are amazing! Guess what – I just signed up for a marathon in march!!! I’ll be re-reading all of your training posts now haha.

  3. My favorite Christmas decoration is a little ceramic elf that my grandfather gave me when I was about four. I set it in my kitchen window right over the sink every year so I can see it often. Your new Marvin is quite cute!Usually the camera doesn’t get a good picture of my face when I cross the finish line because I’m looking down stopping my watch! Yay for VT being the fittest college! πŸ™‚

    1. Deb- Your little elf sounds so cute πŸ™‚ I’ve always heard of a Christmas elf that shows up before Christmas and will tell Santa about naughty children. We never had one, though. Did you ever use that trick with your boys?Dad- VT is a drinking school with a football problem. But they have to have something to do when we’re not playing football!

    2. The Elf on the Shelf came out after the boys were grown up. I wish I’d come up with that idea. I’m sure the lady that created the Elf on the Shelf is a very wealthy person now! πŸ™‚

  4. Not me. We get them out first thing the day after Thanksgiving! My husband isn’t crazy about it, but I already made a COMPROMISE in waiting that long to do it. LOL

    1. I have heard of a lot of other people decorating the day after Thanksgiving! I wonder if I would get tired of my decorations if I put them up then? Probably not…

  5. Christmas is such a wonderful holiday to decorate your house for ~ inside and out. I’m kind of sad that I’ve been a lame outside decorator. I wish my kids had the memory of a well-lit and well-decorated house. We love our Christmas dishes. Andrew has a special mug he likes. I love the tree decorations (I think the kittens are going to ruin things this year for sure).

    1. I love all of the decorations, especially the lights! We always put lights on our gutter along the front of our house and in the bushes in front of our house. Our electric bill is not so pretty during the month or so that we have those up :)You may have to put only “safe” (non-breakable) decorations at the bottom of the tree with those pesky kittens!

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