“Bad Bloggers” and shin update

Holly posted about “bad bloggers” which got me thinking if I’ve ever referred to myself as one. I did a search on my blog, and it looks like I never have. Although I have stated that I committed a “blogging fail” by never taking a single picture at a race back in May. I did manage to remember to snap a picture of the finish line… as they were tearing it down. And I got one of Barry accepting his age group award. But the fact that I brought my camera and didn’t take a single picture until well after the race was run is a fail in general, even if I didn’t have a blog.

I don’t feel the need to be a “good blogger” by posting every day, so I don’t worry about missing a day or even a few days in a row if life gets hectic. Sometimes my posts are planned, when I have an idea or something I read or see sparks a thought. Most of the time they’re just rambling posts about what’s going on in my life. Oh crap, that’s Holly’s reason #2 to call yourself a “bad blogger.” Luckily, I did not meet any of the criteria on her actual list of things that make someone a bad blogger.

I think there are different kinds of blogs. Some are written more like articles with one main idea, like Work in Sweats Mama, while others are more just the day to day happenings of their life, like HRG. I guess the latter works well when you have a social calendar like hers. My blog works well for me, and I’m glad that others enjoy it. I enjoy blogging because it’s fun to type up the posts (although I find race reports a bit daunting) and I love the interaction through the comments. I do want to post stuff that people will enjoy reading, but at the same time I really just want to enjoy what I’m doing (especially since this isn’t a paid gig).

I’m not in this to make any money, but I think the only time a blogger should really concern himself or herself about being a “bad blogger” is when you’re making money and it’s important to post regularly or have decent content. You probably should also avoid writing run on sentences like that one if you are getting paid to blog.

Look what you started, Holly! First Logan and now me, and possibly others that I may be unaware of.

In terms of running, I took Tuesday and Wednesday off because my left shin was bothering me and my calf was also sore. I stretched and iced and foam rolled like a champ. Yesterday my shin was feeling relatively back to normal, except when I pushed off to climb steps or to walk at a quick pace. So I skipped my 6 mile run and opted for a rest day. I am happy to say today that everything is feeling much better and as long as my shin continues to feel good during work today, I plan to go for a nice 6 mile jaunt this evening. Pinkie promise I will find some other form of exercise to do this evening if my shin is bothersome.

My race is about 4 weeks away and I’m starting to transition from being excited about my race while training to being nervous that it’s almost here. At the same time, I am also kind of ready for it to be race day already. Hurry up November! (Did I seriously just say that? November means winter)

What do you think constitutes a good/bad blogger?

I’m not fishing for compliment or flattery, but why do you enjoy reading my blog?

Do you ever get to a point in training where you’re ready for it to be race day already?

10 thoughts on ““Bad Bloggers” and shin update”

  1. Thanks for the shout out Meagan! I think that’s the beauty of blogging. You can do what YOU want, write what you feel, and as long as you’re true to yourself and having a blast, the rest will take care of itself!

    1. That’s what I like about it! I enjoy the interaction and I don’t want to drive folks away, but at the same time I don’t sit there and think what would draw in the most readers. I just post what I want to post πŸ™‚

  2. Good bloggers are those that I enjoy their content. I do get frustrated with the improper use of the English (american) language and a bevy of typographical errors. That doesn’t make a bad blogger. Their posts are harder to read. A bad blogger is the one that deceives their readers, generally through false posts for monetary gain. As with anything, if you don’t like the blogger’s posts, stop reading them.Even though you were (and still are) a rotten kid, I enjoy your blogs. It decreases the geographical distance between us. Keep on blogging.LUD.

  3. Glad you could take some rest days and I hope your shin is okay! That’s exciting your race is comingg – I think you will do great πŸ™‚ You’ve put in the time and training!!Also I really love your dad’s comments! πŸ™‚

  4. I definitely do get to that point – usually toward the end of my peak weeks (Come on, I’m tired and tired of running all these miles and tired of running in all my free time and can’t we just race already?). And I DEFINITELY felt that way about the ultra: I knew I was ready, and just wanted to GOOOO!I think I started reading your blog because I love to watch people’s running journeys unfold. But then I also got to “know” you, and your life, etc….and suddenly I’m interested in your brand new vanity, too. Geez. I guess you just sucked me in. πŸ™‚ But it all started because I love to be involved in people’s fitness journeys – even if only as a spectator.

    1. I have one more peak week to go (next week) and then it’ll be taper time. I will probably go crazy, like a kid waiting for Christmas morning! Haha, well I’m glad I sucked you in! πŸ™‚ I think that’s what happened with most of the blogs I read. One particular thing drew me in and then I kind of got “invested” in their life and got hooked.

  5. I’m so far behind on reading my favorite blogs (hitting you up first), and I can’t wait to pop over and read Holly’s about “bad blogging.” HaHa! Love the ecard!

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