Comfort food and sports bras

Today was a rest day from running. I woke up this morning with some pain in my left shin that has me a bit worried. The ridiculous part is I’m not worried that I have possibly injured my body, I’m worried that it may impact my running.

Nothing hurt (joint/bone-wise) after my 20 miler or in the days following, and my shin did not bother me during my run yesterday. But it’s definitely bothersome now. My shin hurts with every step I take and my calf is also really sore. Hopefully some stretching, foam rolling, and icing will knock it out. It seems strange to me that it came on so suddenly. 

I had a rough day at work today. I wish I could divulge, but I can’t. It boils down to technology sucks and so do car batteries. I came home and fixed some comfort food for dinner. On this particular evening comfort food was defined as chicken, rice, and veggie quiche. I love one dish meals! Today was a crappy enough day at work that I will probably also be making some kind of crock pot meal for dinner later this week, as well.

Today I got a Victoria’s Secret catalog in the mail. It looks like they now carry a line of sports brasas part of their “Victoria’s Secret Sport” line. Or maybe they already did and I just didn’t know about it. I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking who would know better what we need in a sports bra. Right? They appear to have five different styles, ranging from a maximum support bra to a padded one with underwire to medium support ones.

That’s the face I make, too, when I put my sports bra on to go for a run, like “It’s on!”
I have been in need of new sports bras for quite awhile now. To give you an idea, the ones I currently use were purchased my senior year in high school (circa 2006). I just hate shopping for them. I have made a few attempts at places like Dick’s Sporting Goods, but I always end up getting frustrated and giving up. Maybe I will give these a try, and hopefully our nearby Victoria’s Secret carries them.
Do you get freaked out over random pains?
What’s your go-to meal after a crummy day?
Anyone else hate sports bra shopping?

12 thoughts on “Comfort food and sports bras”

  1. I hope your shin pain goes away! I was having some knee pain yesterday but luckily when I woke up this morning it was gone. I had a tough day at work today too and we had pizza for dinner so that’s definitely one of my comfort foods 🙂 Ughh I hate sports bra shopping too. My go-to one is from high school as well. I just can’t find ones that fit right but aren’t also a lot of money!! Lemme know if you try their sports bras!

  2. I am sure your shin is just mad at you and demanding a rest day, but if it seems really painful when you run again, stop and give it what it wants!I love sports bra shopping! I love the C9 Champion ones at Target, but usually not for running too much since they are not that supportive. I love the fun colors they come in! Moving Comfort makes really good ones that I like a lot. I just have to look for good sales because $40+ dollars a bra does not fit my budget.

    1. Thanks for the reassurance 🙂 I listened to it and took two rest days in a row and I think that’s what it needed. I don’t know how you love sports bra shopping. I get frustrated so quickly when I can’t find one that fits (I do a “bounce/jog-in-place” test in the fitting room) and just give up. Maybe one of these days I will find some new ones.

  3. Give the shin a few days. But I will play coach anyway: How high up, and for what length (like, ankle to knee? halfway up to knee?)? Does it feel like the shin BONE, or the muscle that runs just to the outside of the bone (poke around a little bit)?Go to comfort meal: Pastina, cooked really creamy with milk and a bit of butter on top. Usually with a biiiiig bowl of salad covered in feta cheese. This is my “stress eating two bowl meal”.I don’t mind sports bra shopping – if I were you, I’d go on to Sierra Trading post, and just order a few different kinds. They have different brands, etc, and are relatively inexpensive. Then send back the ones you don’t like, and wear the ones you do for a few weeks. If you still like them, order 2-3 more. However, I HATE shopping for non-sports-bras. Thankfully, I mostly wear sports bras these days!

    1. It’s feeling better, but here are the details: it was hurting in a 6 inch stretch on the inner part of my shin, from the top of my ankle to about mid-shin. It hurt when I pressed on the bone itself (there’s not much else to press on, on your inner shin). But I think a big part of it was my calf and Achilles were not happy. Stretch, ice, and rest seems to have helped. I will definitely be monitoring it closely, though.I’ll have to look into Sierra Trading Post. I hadn’t heard of that website before.

    2. Eeep…yeah, that doesn’t sound too good. Keep rolling and stretching those calves/Achilles, but if it doesn’t get better, then you definitely should get it checked out. There is a little bit of connective tissue there, but not much – so keep an eye on it, and be careful.Also be careful of STP. Once you place your first order, you get a daily email reminding you of how good their deals are. Honestly, it’s a good thing I don’t live in the US anymore! 🙂

    3. No… it is worrisome 😦 I am doing my best to rest and ice and stretch. Hopefully that will take care of the issue!! Thanks for the warning about STP 🙂

  4. Don’t be afraid to take an extra day off if your shin needs it! Ice and elevate! Ice and elevate!Comfort food: for me, this time through it’s Jimmy John’s subs!A sports bra with an underwire?!?! What on earth!?!?

    1. Yum I love Jimmy John’s! I know the underwire! I can’t imagine how that could be comfortable while running. That one must be intended for activities that have less impact.

  5. Took a 17 mile ride yesterday evening. For some reason, I got all of the lights green and never got a forced rest break. Nice part was I finished my ride in less than 1.5 hours. Bad part is I was sore when I got home. Maybe you were just getting sympathetic pain for the old man?My go-to comfort food is peanut butter.As for bra shopping – Well I think I will just leave that one alone.LUD.

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