Marathon training is messing with my paces

Last night I was able to get out for my 6 mile run as planned. My shin continued to feel good all day during work, so after work Barry and I headed out for a run on the roads around our house. It had been a little while since Barry and I ran together (not counting his biking alongside me while I ran last weekend), so I was excited he wanted to run with me. My calves were on fire within the first 15 minutes of this run, but they often do that after I’ve done a lot of foam rolling. Around mile 4, I stopped and stretched them while Barry stopped for a bathroom break at soccer field we were running past.

It had rained off and on during the day, but didn’t rain during our run. The skies were pretty threatening, though.

You can almost pretend the mountains on the horizon are the ocean
Towards the end of our run, the sky turned nearly black and the wind picked up a lot. There were people out on the porch at one of the houses we ran past and they yelled “Hurry!!!” I guess the threatening sky combined with the surprise spectators helped me get into gear, because we ended up running the 6 miles in under an hour on a hilly route, and it ended up being a progression run.

It’s a twister, Auntie Em!
It felt good to run a bit faster than I have been lately. Marathon training is really messing with my normal pace. In my pre-marathon training days my easy runs were often between 9:40-9:50/mile pace. But that was mainly because my easy runs took place during the week and were usually no longer than 4 or 5 miles. 

Marathon training has me doing longer runs during the week, which means I haven’t seen an overall average pace under 10 minutes per mile probably since July. I knew if I was going to survive training and arrive at the start line on race day healthy, I had to slow down my pace. It worries me that I have lost fitness, although I think my Yasso 800s track workouts have helped a bit with that. But I also know that I have greatly increased my endurance. I guess for me, for now, that’s the trade off.

It looks like the government shutdown is over, for now. Hopefully we don’t go through this again in January. There were so many people affected by the shutdown, and at one point it looked like nearly 30,000 runners were going to be affected with the potential cancellation of the Marine Corps Marathon. I’m sure other races were affected.

One in particular that I know of was the Grindstone 100, which was set to take place through the George Washington National Forest in VA starting on October 4. Imagine being trained up to run 100 miles and then having the race canceled the week beforehand. I came across this interesting article about a group of ultra runners from the Richmond area who decided to make their own ultra. Spoiler alert: no, they didn’t go out and run 100 miles. But they did each run 30+ miles as a training run for the next race in the “Beast Series.” Their way of sticking it to the man!

Have you found that marathon training slowed down your normal running paces?

What kind of weather have you been having the past few days?

It has been gray and drizzly here since last week.
What would you do if you were trained to run 100 miles and the race got canceled in the days leading up to it?

16 thoughts on “Marathon training is messing with my paces”

  1. Gray and drizzly here, too. I might reconsider my earlier statement in which I say fall was my favorite running season…I somehow forgot about these cold cloudy days!I can’t even imagine training for a 100 miler and then having it cancelled!! My BIL was supposed to run a marathon that got canceled very last-minute…I think the NYC one, and then he found a tiny one in Columbus or somewhere. After all of that training and all of that tapering, it would really stink! Like almost landing an airplane and then having to take off again! LOL

    1. I think I forgot about the cold, cloudy days, too! Fall is still my favorite, though. The cancellation of NYC was crazy and it left a lot of runners scrambling to find a replacement race. I ran the Richmond Half last year, when NYC got canceled, and they dealt with a last-minute influx of runners. They handled it really well, though!

  2. Weather has been unpredictable. Sneaking in rides between the drops. Also haven’t had the top off the Jeep in the last few weeks. Hoping for a nice weekend so I can get in some outdoor activities. Maybe I’l go visit a monument – just because.I feel if you put time into anything and are unable to finish, it is a huge letdown.And if the pros say slow down, pace yourself and you will finish, do it.LUD.

  3. Find another 100 miler! :)Marathon training definitely takes the edge off my speed…but that’s a normal trade off. When you drop your weekly long run down a little bit post-marathon (in other words, remove some of the cumulative fatigue that you’re using for training), your 4-6 mile run pace will get a bit faster, most likely.

  4. It was gray and drizzly here yesterday, but today is beautiful. Cool and crisp. Got to wear a long-sleeved shirt for my 15-miler this morning, which makes me insanely happy! Marathon training is definitely messing with my paces. My problem? I’ve run everything too fast and don’t know what my actual marathon pace ‘feels’ like. I’ve been making a huge effort to slow down my long runs lately.

    1. We had the same weather here today! I got a couple of good pictures from the nearby Draper Mountain Overlook of all of the leaves changing.I love running in a long sleeve and shorts. That is my favorite combination. You and I have opposite problems when it comes to marathon training pace 🙂

  5. We had snow this morning, sunshine this afternoon. Welcome to the lessons of marathon training. The good news is that all the endurance you are building up is only going to be much better for you when you start training (after the race) for speed again.

  6. Yesterday when I was running it was sunny and then very dark on the other side of the sky – luckily I never got poured on!I was thinking the other day about endurance and speed. The people who can run long distances fast just blow my mind haha.I’m so glad the shutdown is over!! And i really really hope they get their act together so we don’t go through this again!

    1. Glad you got your run in without getting poured on! It’s quite a feat to combine distance and speed. The speed the elite runners run a marathon at absolutely blows my mind.

  7. Those are some pretty ominous clouds! Glad you got finished with your run without getting caught in a storm!I would be so bummed if I had trained for 100 miles and the race was canceled. I’m sure I would either try to find another ultra that would be run soon, or I’d go out on a long (but not 100 miles) run on my own.

  8. Weather – FANTASTIC and beautiful!If I had trained to run 100 miles, by GOD I’d run those 100 miles. I’d recruit anyone able-bodied in my life to run/bike/drive/WHATEVER along side of me for the duration of the trip!

    1. Glad y’all are having some great weather! I’m with you on the 100 miles. If I was all trained up for a 100 mile race I’d be finding another ultra race or some friends/family to stage my own race.

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