Thunder Road Marathon Training – Week 14

Another week of training in the books. I ran all of my miles as planned, but I did not meet my goal of doing some cross training. I need to start mixing in some cross training on some of my rest days. I had to step away from cross training for a bit, as I adjusted to higher mileage, but I know it’s important to do more than just run. This week of training will include my first of two 20 mile long runs. Any tips on how to survive or encouragement would be much appreciated!

Monday- 7 miles at the high school track, including 8 x 800m. I went out too fast on the first two and felt like I spent the last 6 repeats hanging on for dear life. I think I definitely ran this a little harder than I should have, especially two days after my first-ever 16 miler. My legs were very sore afterwards, and my calves and left IT band were sore the rest of the week.

Tuesday- Rest day.

Wednesday- 7 mile run with Sven, with the 4 middle miles at marathon pace. It’s not hard to hit MP when all you have to do is set the speed and watch ‘Pitch Perfect’ while you do some vertical running.

Thursday- 7 mile run in the evening on the Dora and New River Trails. I moved this run from Friday to Thursday in an effort to let my legs rest before Saturday’s long run. It worked out for me last week. However, there wasn’t much good about the run itself. Little things were annoying me, it was insanely buggy outside, and my legs just felt tired. My calves were also pretty sore, and had been sore since Monday’s track workout. But I got it done, and the trails themselves were nice to look at with all of the changing leaves.

Friday- Rest day, and thank goodness because it was 80 degrees when I got home from work.

Saturday- First-ever 18 miler. This run got a post of it’s own. The short and sweet is things were good until they weren’t. As expected, I got more and more fatigued until I finally gave in to my first walk break at 15.5 miles. But it’s an accomplishment for me to make it that far before taking a break. This was the longest run I’ve ever done by 2 miles, and the first long run in awhile that I ran solo.

Sunday- Rest day.

Total miles: 39 (another weekly mileage PR)

This week’s schedule:
Monday: 8 miles
Tuesday: Rest/XT
Wednesday: 8 miles w/ 4 @ MP
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 8 miles
Saturday: 20 miles
Sunday: Rest

12 thoughts on “Thunder Road Marathon Training – Week 14”

  1. The Dora and New River trails look beautiful! I love fall. It’s starting to look like fall here, but it still feels like summer.Great job sticking to your training schedule. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to skip the cross training at this point in your training! For the long runs, I think you just can’t think about the whole distance. It’s too daunting. I think “5 miles until I get my first GU”. After that, I think “just 5 miles until I get another”. Getting some good flavors, or something new or fun to try helps too. I like the margarita bloks early on, but they take too much energy to chew when I am really tired.Good luck!

    1. They are beautiful, especially with the changing leaves! Hope y’all get some cooler weather soon. I have actually started using gels during my long runs, because I started to feel like the Shot Bloks were too hard to chew. I don’t remember ever having an issue with them in the past. But lately I feel like I can barely breathe while I eat them.

  2. It is getting easier and 20 should be no big deal. Remember your first Apple Blossom Festival Parade? Didn’t think you would make it through that and you did. Running has to be easier than the German Gym Wheel. And unlike your swimming, you get to breath whenever you want!Keep charging baby. You will accomplish your goal. I’ll meet you at the finish line with your 26.2 magnet.LUD.

    1. Thanks, Dad! 20 will be a big deal, but I just have to remember it’s only 2 more than last weekend. Oxygen whenever I want is a big perk of running :)See you at the finish, even if I don’t know my name at that point.

    1. They’re great trails to run on! However, my calves seem to get sorer on gravel trails than on paved trails. That’s the only downside for me.

  3. Grrrr! I’m so bummed that Saturday’s game is at noon AGAIN! If’ we’d gotten the 3:30 time slot I could have joined you for some of your run. Are Kim or Barry available to run with you? The Dora/New River Trail picture is beautiful! I’d love to run there someday!

    1. I know! All of these early games make it tough to meet up. Kim is busy this weekend, but I think Barry will be able to do a few miles with me. I’d love to have you down here sometime to run on the Dora/NR Trail. Maybe someday if we have an evening game you could come down in the morning.

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