The water game

This morning I woke up to a cool 55 degrees with clouds and fog. Pretty ideal for a 12 mile long run, which is good because that’s what was on my schedule. I ate a peanut butter-flavored Power Bar, drank some water, and did the dishes (my usual pre-long run routine) and then headed into town to start my run on the Dora Trail.

Sorry for the blurriness

I ran my first 3 miles on the Dora up to the New River Trail. When I got up to the NRT, I headed to the trail head where I met up with Kim. I was feeling a bit rough at this point, as my calves and Achilles were tight and felt like they were on fire.

Good morning, deer!

Kim and I took off together down the NRT for six miles. Like last week, she had another brilliant idea to meet me a few miles into my long run so that we can run her full run together. Once I started running with her I felt a million times better. Guess all I needed was a friend. Speaking of friends, we had someone who wanted to make friends with us today. There was this big-sounding dog barking from a nearby farm as we ran down the trail, and I glanced back and said “oh!”, which startled Kim. There was a dog right behind us, who we never heard approach, and who was not the barking dog. He was really cute and very friendly.

I’m thinking beagle/basset hound mix? He kind of ran with us down the trail for a brief amount of time, but when we got to the trestle bridge he wouldn’t go on it. We hadn’t ever seen him before and didn’t see him on the way back.

At the halfway point, I tried out one of my new Honey Stinger waffles. The flavor was great, but this is not going to be something I’ll eat in the future during a run. It was too cookie-like for me. I guess I was expecting it to be crispier and resemble a honey comb or something? I don’t like anything that resembles a bread/cake/cookie product while running. But the waffles will be a great pre-race snack.

As we headed back towards the head of the New River Trail and Kim’s car, I continued to feel good. I had a bit of tiredness creeping into my quads, but everything else felt great. With about a mile to go I decided to attempt a selfie of Kim and me. This is the one and only attempt I made at it, and I’m proud to say I got both of our faces in it!

Me, Kim, and baby

Once we got back to Kim’s car, I refilled my water bottle at the spigot they have there and talked to Kim for a few minutes. Then I took off for the final 3 miles of my run. I continued to feel strong until mile 10, and then I started to feel very tired and also started to feel a the heat that was creeping in. At that point I decided it was time to play my “water game” where I get to have some water every 1/2 mile. It helps me break down the miles and have a small goal to focus on.

The water game came through for me again, and I finished up the last 2 miles of my run without falling to pieces. I was feeling really hungry when I finished and my legs were a bit sore. My right hip actually cramped as I climbed into the truck to drive home (after drinking some water and stretching). Totally Barry’s fault for having a truck that’s so tall.

Now it’s about an hour and a half until the Hokies kick off against Western Carolina. They’re at home this week, so Lane Stadium will be packed. Unfortunately, the game didn’t get picked up on TV as far as I can tell, so I will be listening to the game on the radio. There are a bunch of other good college games on today: Texas vs. BYU, Florida vs. Miami, Oregon vs. UVA, and Michigan vs. Notre Dame to name a few. I’ll definitely be tuning in to a few of those later today.


What is your pre-long run routine?

What do you think, is that dog a beagle/basset hound mix?

What kind of games do you play to get you through a tough part of your workout?

20 thoughts on “The water game”

    1. The value of running buddies truly can’t be understated. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch the game online because Dish isn’t an affiliate or whatever. But I did listen to it on the radio and Bill and Mike are pretty good commentators!

    2. I love Bill Roth and Mike Burnop! In fact, Bill wanted to turn the volume down on the TV last weekend and listen to Bill and Mike call the VT vs Alabama game. We did’t because there’s a slight delay on the TV so it’s very frustrating having the announcers slightly ahead of the visual…

  1. That trail is beautiful. Love how it’s starting to look like fall!I saw lots of deer on my run this morning, too. But no cute dogs. I kind of want to adopt that cutie that was following you.I drink water every mile when I’m carrying it. I also tell myself “I only have to run to that next tree…now I only have to run to THAT next tree…”

  2. Great job on your long run! You’re so lucky to have such a great trail close by. LOVE that dog. His ears are hilarious! Anything mixed with a Bassett is so funny to me. I also laughed that your pre-run routine includes doing dishes!

    1. I definitely appreciate having access to that trail! I always leave any Friday night dishes to Saturday mornings. It just gives me something to do and now it has become my routine 🙂

    1. I discovered yesterday that I only want something fruity/chewy like a shot block or gel. I think the Honey Stinger waffles will be a staple pre-run breakfast for me.

  3. Ahh… the ups and downs of a long-run!I’m glad you powered through it. Great selfie!I don’t really have a routine that I’ve noticed. Glenn would know better.Tomorrow I head out for 17 solitary miles and that makes me want to cry.

  4. I love your group selfie, and you even smiled for us!Your guess of a beagle/basset hound sounds like a good guess. I’m glad he was friendly, because it’s those that sneak up on you that you have to watch out for!

    1. I was happier since I was running with Kim vs. by myself. Plus I think we were both laughing at me trying to take a pic of the both of us.I am glad that dog was friendly, too, because we definitely did not hear him coming!

  5. As previously documented, I *TOTALLY* play the water game. I also play the “hip cramping” game. Oh, wait… Seriously, I do – I ran a Ragnar Relay last year – and we all traveled in big 15 passenger vans. By the end of the weekend, I was lifting myself in and out using just my arms, because swinging my leg up and in made my hip cramp. At least everyone else got a good laugh… 🙂

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