Glad that’s over and chicken check-in

This afternoon I went for an easy five mile run on the roads around our house right when I got off work. As much as I love running, today was one of those days where I just wanted to have my run done for the day. I kind of wish I had gone this morning before work, because it was in the low 50’s this morning but 75 degrees this afternoon. I probably would have felt a little better in the cooler temperatures.

At least these cows were out to cheer me up. I see them every once in awhile and they are so funny. Car after car can drive by and it doesn’t phase them, but when I run by they freak out and take off running. They were all right at the fence as I approached and as I passed they spooked and took off. They actually ran along side me until the field turned and went over a hill, where I guess they were safe because they stopped running.

I promised the chickens would still make an appearance here and there, since Chick Days ended. All six chickens are still doing well and often still making us laugh. Every time I go out to do anything near the chicken coop, they’re all right at the gate of the chicken run area hollering for treats. They continue to get scraps from the kitchen (mostly fruit, veggie, and grain scraps) and they also get cracked corn.

You can see my egg collection bucket in the background of the above picture, also known as last year’s Easter basket. It’s the most use I’ve ever gotten out of an Easter basket. All six of the chickens are laying eggs now, and we usually get 5 or 6 eggs per day. We’ve pretty much got all six trained to lay in their nest area, although every once in awhile someone will lay outside or in their droppings tray in the coop.

I know that Chobani yogurt is popular in the blog/runner/healthy person world, so I wanted to let y’all know about a recall going on for a large number of their products. The company received numerous reports of the packages bloating and swelling, as well as some reports of illness. They are recalling all products with an IMS code of “16-012” (stamped on the lid) with best by dates of Sep 11-13 to Oct 07-13. You can see the full list of recalled products and UPC codes HERE. Most grocery stores are pretty good about pulling products during large-scale recalls like this one, but I wanted to give y’all a heads up in case you hadn’t heard and have any of the affected product.

Do you have days where your exercise routine is just something else on your to do list instead of something you look forward to? 

10 thoughts on “Glad that’s over and chicken check-in”

    1. Isn’t it crazy how sometimes when we’re able to run, we may not want to. But the second you get injured or something else happens that keeps you from running, it’s the only thing you want to do. I hope your shin starts feeling better soon!

  1. Cows always make my laugh on runs. They just don’t respond to runners going by like most animals. LOL Love the chicken update! I was wondering how they’d been doing. Farm fresh eggs are soooooo yummy. Lucky you!! I get them from someone I work with and I am so sad when he’s running low and I have to buy eggs at the store.

  2. I’m so glad you gave us a chicken update! Those eggs look so beautiful in your frig!Glad you got your run in and it’s behind you. Thanks for posting pictures of the Holsteins for me! 🙂

    1. The chickens have been producing some sizeable eggs, except for one here or there. No problem on the Holsteins! I see them all the time :)They are my favorite breed.

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