You know you’re a runner

My dad found this list of reasons you know you’re a runner through the Thunder Road Marathon Facebook page:

Maybe not a 5K, but the message is there.
1. You’ve planned a vacation or long weekend around a race. Bonus points if you’ve sold your family or significant other on the idea.

2. You have enough race tees to make one of those quilts. You just couldn’t make the pile small enough to make one.

Note: It was kind of fun to pull all of these shirts out. I had forgotten about some of these races. Plus my shirts needed to be refolded anyway.

3. You have a drawer or cabinet just for your nutrition products.

4. Your running shoes are your most expensive shoes.

5. Some of the most spendy apparel you own is the stuff you sweat all over.

New running shorts!

6. Sure, you have particular shoes for long runs, trail runs, speed work, race day. But you also have the same system for socks.

7. You might not recognize some of your running pals in street clothes. (or with their hair down)

8. Your weekend plans revolve around your training plans or races.

9. You actually have a favorite flavor of energy gels.

10. The first thing you ask a friend you haven’t seen in awhile: “so, what are you training for these days?”

Which of these holds true for you?

What are some other reasons “you know you’re a runner”?
The #1 thing on my Christmas wishlist last year was a new GPS running watch.

11 thoughts on “You know you’re a runner”

  1. Hmm, 1, 2, 7, 8, and 10 are true for me!!Most of my Christmas wish list includes running gear: sunglasses, iPod, HR monitor band, shoes…

    1. I thought #6 was kind of a strange one. The only special socks I can think of runners having are maybe ones for trails versus roads, or maybe summer versus winter.

  2. I’m totally guilty of 4 and 5. I pretty much refuse to spend money on regular shoes (nearly all of my “normal” shoes were given to me as gifts, and are consequently kind of ugly), but I own six million pairs of running shoes. Ditto running clothing, although I’ve been better about it over the past year.

    1. I thought #6 was kind of a strange one. Winter vs. summer or even trail vs. road socks I can see, but not really different socks for different types of workouts.

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