The Divergent Trilogy, dog crates, and porta potties

I spent this morning as a quiet, low key morning with the dogs. While they slept I finished reading Insurgent, the second book in the Divergent Trilogy. I first found out about the first book, Divergent, from Stephanie when she mentioned it on her blog this past summer. The first book was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a Hunger Games-esque book, although the plot was completely different. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a Divergent movie coming out in the next few years. I didn’t get into the second book as much until the last quarter of the book. Then things got exciting. The third and final book of the trilogy comes out later this month.

After a quiet morning, I decided to get my three mile recovery run done. When I got up this morning my legs and lower back were as sore as they are after a 13 mile training run, which I guess is pretty close to what I did yesterday. I was really hungry, but wanted to get my run done before I ate lunch. I was hungry enough that my hands were shaky, so I ate some fruit snacks right before my run which did the trick. My legs felt really tired during the first mile but then they loosened up some and I spent awhile stretching afterwards. 

Recently we moved Scout to Hank’s crate, because she had outgrown her old crate. Her crate was located in our dining room and now that she is in Hank’s crate (which is in the basement) we have taken apart her old crate and put it away. It’s nice to have my dining room back.

Scout in her crate in the dining room, in March

Although Scout has adjusted just fine to sleeping in the basement in the new crate, and seems to be enjoying having more space, she also misses her old crate. She keeps on sitting or laying in the dining room where her crate used to be and just staring at me.

Hey you know that thing that was here that I sleep in…. where is it??

And then there’s Hank, who hasn’t slept in his crate in a long time. All of a sudden he wants his crate back, and he has taken to sleeping in it during the day when Scout is not occupying it. Dogs are so silly.

In case you forgot, this is still my crate

Yesterday the dogs helped me root on the Hokies as they played Western Carolina. And by that I mean they slept while I listened to the game on the radio, since the game was only be broadcast on ESPN3 and apparently Dish is not a customer of ESPN3 (I’m just a little bitter…). Luckily the Virginia Tech commentators, Bill and Mike, are awesome and make you feel like you’re watching it. Hokies won 45-3, but despite the score the offense still didn’t sound that strong. Our defense had a pick-six, though, and special teams sounded solid.

Detrick Bonner after making an interception and returning it for a touchdown

Lastly, I read an interesting article yesterday that has everything you ever wanted to know about porta potties. Enjoy!

Such a happy sight on a trail

Have you read any of the Divergent Trilogy books?

What did you do yesterday?

14 thoughts on “The Divergent Trilogy, dog crates, and porta potties”

    1. If you loved Hunger Games I’m pretty sure you would enjoy the Divergent Trilogy. Especially the first book! I cannot wait for the second movie, either! November 22, right?? And I am so glad to hear your shin is feeling better!

  1. Haha dogs are so silly! That’s so funny about Hank. One of our cats loves to sleep in Hunter’s cage upstairs when he isn’t in it.Seeing all the pictures of people tailgating really made me miss being in Blacksburg on game day! I really hope I can go to one this season!

  2. I am so glad/mad you told me about the third Divergent book. I plowed through the first two and was so upset there wasn’t a third one out already! I’m pretty sure I won’t be leaving my room until I’ve read the thing front to back. I’m a sucker for those kinds of books. Also, there IS a Divergent movie coming out! A preview came out recently-it’s not at all what I had pictured. I can’t say I’m that excited to see it; I think they got Tris all wrong. Have I mentioned what a nerd I am?Yesterday: got to know my new city!

    1. Hah, well from the sounds of it you won’t lose more than a day to the third book. Oooh I am going to have to go find the trailer for the Divergent movie! If it looks like they really botched it, I may not even go and see the movie.

  3. Went trail riding on my mountain bike – 12+ miles. Saturday I did about 9. A lot of hills, few water hazards and the occasional dog walker (with a long leash) made things interesting. Also discovered that Fairfax County is in a controlled hunt to thin the deer population. Archery only and it runs from Sep 7 – Feb 15. Warning were posted every where saying to stay on the established trails. Think I will be wearing orange on my next ride!LUD.

    1. Solid weekend of biking. Watch out for the archers! Even with you staying on the trail, let’s hope they have good aim. Bright colors (particularly orange) sounds like a good plan to me.

  4. It sounds like Hank is a little jealous that you moved Scout to his crate and is just giving you a friendly reminder. Of course I loved the porta-potty article! 🙂

    1. He is jealous, yet he has access to (and often sleeps on) the guest room queen-sized bed and the other bedroom that has a twin bed in it. Glad you enjoyed the article! It was right up your alley.

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