Triple Tangent Tuesday

Is that a thing? I’m not sure… but we’re going to go with it because I have three things to share with you!

1. Today is a cross training day. I did a level 3 30 day shred workout. I really like these Jillian Michaels workouts (as you have probably noticed). The workout itself is 27 minutes from start to finish, including the warm up and cool down, and I always sweat buckets which tells me I’m working hard.

2. Do you remember how awhile back there was a bird’s nest in one of my hanging flower baskets that had eggs in it? I don’t know if I ever updated you on that, but those eggs hatched. There were little baby birds in the nest for awhile and then they eventually left the nest.

Well now there are nests in all three of my hanging baskets! I’m not sure how long it takes for birds to mature and start laying eggs, but I’m wondering if it’s possible these nests and eggs are from the original babies.

This last one is balanced on the stems of the flowers, whereas the other two are actually on the potting soil. I have to be really careful not to knock the nest out when I’m taking the basket down to water it and putting it back up.

3. Last night’s sunset was really pretty. It’s not the best picture, but I really liked the way the sun was right in-between those two clouds. We get a lot of pretty sunsets this time of the year, because the sun sets directly behind our house in the summer. In the winter it still sets behind the mountains, but it’s off to the left a bit.

Tell me three tangents about your day!

16 thoughts on “Triple Tangent Tuesday”

  1. Awe. Precious baby bird eggs. I had a next outside my window last year and I love watching the eggs hatch and the babies grow! You live in such a beautiful place ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. [It’s not even 10 AM here, so my material is limited.]1. I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, followed by 6 sour gummy bears. Don’t judge.2. I think (hope) I’m finally over jet lag? Good sleep for 2 of the past 3 nights. Weirdest jet lag issues EVER, after this most recent trip.3. I think I’m going to the gym twice today…lunchtime spin and evening yoga. Whoops!

  3. 1. Didn’t go to work until 10am today. Had to drive to Dahlgren for a VTC with folks in the PDT and we didn’t start until 12 EDT.2. Stopped and had dinner with Aunt Bea and Uncle Harry a the nursing home. Had a good time bit was late getting home.3. Had to get to the store to get my stuff for the reunoin this weekend. All Star Relays got moved to 5pm due to heat and won’t be over until late (9:30) and the developmental relay carnival at home pool on Thursday. Meet and celebration of Kevin’s 44 years on Saturday, then off to PA.Is that three tangents?LUD.

  4. Those eggs are precious. I love the picture of the little baby, too!Sunsets are so pretty when you can see the rays beaming through the clouds.1 – I got some much-needed work done for a class I’m creating2 – My mom and/or my grandmother need to come here quick and tell me how to take care of my landscaping/flowers3 – House on Pooh Corner starts on Monday and Andrew wants to play Tigger. We’ll see!

    1. They are so pretty, but so hard to capture! Hope Andrew gets Tigger! I loved Winnie the Pooh, but was always kind of annoyed by Tigger, haha. My favorite was Rabbit ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Beautiful sunset pic and such sweet shots of the eggs & baby bird! Here’s what my Tuesday looked like:1. Productive day at work, but I was a little stir crazy because I didn’t get out all day.2. AWESOME 7-mile trail race in the evening. Set a PR and felt great, despite the blistering heat.3. Working out at night does not agree with me. Could NOT get to sleep. Will be running on empty today, but totally worth it!

  6. First off I love that your dad always comments on your blog. That’s so sweet! I don’t think my dad knows what a blog is. Secondly sounds like you are a regular bird hatchery over there. I had a nest in my hanging basket one year, too. It definitely made watering the basket a little tough!

    1. I do, too! I always like seeing what he has to say. I’m a daddy’s girl, so we’re pretty close ๐Ÿ™‚ We practically have Robins coming out of our ears! The watering is definitely a challenge.

  7. My goodness you are sprouting a lot of birds! Tangents? I convinced a hot yoga place that even though my Groupon expired in June that they should still validate it through November. Score. I’m getting a new office at work, so I got to pick out some new furniture today, which was really fun. I’ve got a 7 mile run on the plan today and I didn’t drag myself out of bed to do it this morning. Says it “feels like” 100 outside right now. So THATS going to be fun. If I don’t blog for a few days, it means I died of heat exhaustion.

    1. Well done with the Groupon! How did you convince them? Hope you survived your 7 mile run! I’m sure Indy has sent out a search party by now if you haven’t returned yet. Cooper is probably eating your dinner for you, though.

  8. What color thumb does one have to “grow” baby birds? My Tuesday tangents:1. My early morning running client ran about 50% more than she usually does!2. When I got in my car to go to the gym yesterday afternoon the temp was 103…3. Daniel talked me into making chocolate chip cookies last night. I haven’t made them in forever!

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