I finally made my decision!

Just a heads up that this post is a whole lot of random. But that’s the way most of my posts are, so I’m sure you’re not surprised. I am nicknaming today my “triple 3” day. Why’s that? Because it is day three of week 3 of marathon training, and I had 3 miles on the schedule today. I decided to go run around town, since I am getting bored of doing all of my weekday runs on the roads around our house. It went well and I enjoyed the change in scenery. The scenery itself wasn’t too bad, either.

Let’s talk about bathroom breaks for a minute. I think I have had to stop for at least one bathroom break on every single run I’ve done since July 1. I don’t know what is going on. I haven’t changed my diet, so I don’t think that’s the culprit. The only thing I can figure is the recent increase in temperature.
I finally made a decision on my treadmill. On Monday I put in my order for a NordicTrack C900!!!

When it came down to it, I chose this one over the ProForm because of the extra cushioning it has. No shin splints for me!

Now the question is this: When my beloved new treadmill (never thought I’d use ‘beloved’ and ‘treadmill’ in the same sentence…) arrives, should I name it? My personal car is named “Hey Car” and my work car is named “Willis”, so I’m thinking my treadmill is also going to need a name.

In case you missed it: Jordan Hasay ran 31:46 in the 10,000 meters (a 20 second PR!), meeting the B standard, and will be heading to Moscow for the World Championships.

She was only 1.42 seconds off of the A standard. The World Championships are in August and this will be Hasay’s first time competing in them!

What should I name my treadmill?

Do you have a name for your car? What is it?

Has anyone else noticed a correlation in bathroom breaks and the increase in temperature?

21 thoughts on “I finally made my decision!”

  1. I love naming things! My car (a small bright green hatchback) is named Kermit. We treat him like another dog or a child. Yes-my stomach unfortunately has been a mess this entire summer. I have no idea if it is the temperatures, the altitude, or what. It is worse than it has ever been 😦

  2. I named a few of my cars, but not this one yet. Hm. I ought to. She and I spend a lot of time together.I’ve had some recent stomach ailments, too. Hm. Are you eating anything or drinking anything different than you were before? Maybe you’re right, though. Since the weather has you drinking more water and since you’re staying hydrated maybe that’s why you have to “go” all of the time?

    1. Nothing new to my diet. I tried half of that new Gu on Saturday, but didn’t have any issues during the second half of my run. I’m not sure what the deal is, but I’m hoping I’ll adjust and things will calm down.

  3. For me, I’ve noticed a connection between DEHYDRATION and bathroom urgency. Obviously, heat can lead to dehydration. Are you making sure to drink frequently?My car has no name. I love it when other people name theirs, but I’ve never really come up with a name that feels right! It doesn’t help that I have zero personal connection to my current car (I bought it for cheap, it runs, and that’s about it, really).I only recently found out who that Jordan person is, but there’s a hilarious video making the internet rounds of her friend screaming for her at a meet somewhere. It’s amazing. I wish I could give you more specific information than “her friend screams at her” because it really is worth watching.

    1. I just watched that video. It was hilarious! Also, both of my dogs were sound asleep on the floor and then jumped up and started barking when I played the video, haha.Jeano maybe if you gave your car a name you would have more of a connection πŸ™‚ Unless you don’t want to have a connection. I only found out about Jordan when she was featured in Running Times a month or two ago.

  4. Of course you should name the treadmill. But YOU should name it! Once it comes, you two should bond for a little while, then you can pick a name that ‘fits’. You’ll know it when you hear it!No car for me anymore, but when I did, it was named Dimitri (Dimi for short). We covered lots of miles together, and sometimes I still miss him. :-(Not sure about the shorter runs – but proper electrolyte balance is important for proper intestinal function. So if your ‘lytes are out of whack, that can definitely cause stomach issues. But I’m mostly curious about your issues during shorter runs – unless you START improperly hydrated/’lyted, then you shouldn’t get out of whack with just 1 or 2 hot miles. ?[On the other hand, I gave up Gatorade a few years ago, because it seemed to have a much higher chance than Nuun to cause post-run intestinal distress. Still not sure why…]

  5. I bet your bathroom breaks are related to the heat and dehydration. Same thing happens to me during/after runs in hot weather. Yuck! You will love having a treadmill. We bought one when I was pregnant with #2, and it’s been an absolute lifesaver! Can’t wait to hear the name you pick!

    1. I am really looking forward to the treadmill! I will probably use it some here and there this summer when I just don’t feel like going out in the heat, but I am especially looking forward to being able to avoid the ice and snow this winter.

  6. Funny about the car names. I haven’t named a car! I would guess the bathroom breaks are related to heat. Maybe try drinking more?

  7. I’m thinking a good Norseman name. Dated a girl once that had a Volvo. She named it Nora. But you will figure it out once the two of you get acquainted.I haven’t named a car since my ’55 Chevy. Her name was Lizzy after the old woman I bought her from. All of my other vehicles have been just that. I have never named them so I wouldn’t get attached to them. But I will say they have all been girls.And don’t ask an old guy about using the bathroom too much.LUD.

    1. Hmm a Norseman name sounds cool! Maybe I will know the name the first time I lay eyes on my new treadmill πŸ™‚ You have kind of named Aunt Bea and Uncle Harry’s car. Or it at least has a nickname.

  8. Yes! Definitely more tummy troubles in the heat. My stomach does NOT like it. I named my car Molly – Molly the Mazda. Before that it was Herbert the Honda.

    1. Aww Molly the Mazda πŸ™‚ Hey Car is a Mazda as well. I like your alliterative names that you pick out. Oh and my best friend also has a Mazda… her’s is named “Mozzy”

  9. I’ve heard AWESOME things about Nordictrack treadmills! I haven’t caved and bought one yet because all of my running has been outside but I’ll probably cave at some point… around winter πŸ˜‰ -olivetorun

    1. All the reviews I read were just glowing about the treadmill I chose, as well as the brand in general. Can’t wait to see which one you end up deciding on!

  10. Yes, name your treadmill something fun! I’ve never named any of my cars, but I think it’s great when people do.I just talked to my doctor about runners and tummy issues since I seem to be the queen of them. He gave me some good info and said that he’d research it more for me. Once I gather all of the information, I want to write about it.

    1. I’m looking forward to that information! Maybe it will clue me in on what I’m doing to cause these issues in the first place.

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