Weekend rodeo & bet you can’t guess

This weekend I went to visit my best friend and we spent Saturday night at the rodeo. It is held at the horse farm where she rides, so initially we helped out the rodeo company by manning one of the gates. We got to do a lot of people watching and also saw all the bulls being hauled in.

Seriously look at that Holstein bull (the black and white one). Can you imagine getting on that thing? I actually ended up getting a picture of the guy who won on Saturday night. Here he is at the beginning of his winning ride (in the short round):

And here he is after his “dismount” once he hit 8 seconds:

But they say it doesn’t hurt when you stay on for the full 8 seconds. We were there until nearly midnight and I didn’t get to bed until after 1:30 AM. That is at least 3 hours past my bedtime.

Since my friend rides at the horse farm that hosts the rodeo (and since we usually work the gate/do whatever they need help with) we get to hang out in the VIP section. That means free VIP food! I failed to get any pictures of the food, but I do have a funny story for you. It looked like they had mini hamburgers and chicken with pineapple shish kabobs. I had one of each and thought they both tasted pretty good. Come to find out the mini “hamburgers” were actually turkey burgers and the “chicken” shish kabobs were pork. Apparently my taste buds were a little off…. but either way the food was good!

I bet you can’t guess how many miles I had on my training schedule today for the Thunder Road Marathon. Hint: it resembled the past two weeks’ weekday run distances. Sure enough it was 3 miles! Are you getting tired of me saying that? I’m kind of getting tired of writing it. But no worries- things are going to get wild next week. It was a bit of a tough run today because it is hot, hot, hot outside. I took this picture of our thermometer around 5:00 PM, and it was in the shade.

Once Barry and I got home from our run I gave one of my new hydration products from my StrideBox . Today I tried the tri-berry flavored GU Brew electrolyte tablet. I thought it tasted pretty good! Don’t mind Hank… he likes to photo bomb.

Now don’t hate me for this, because I know there are a lot of Nuun lovers out there, but I gave my grape-flavored Nuun a try last week and I did not like it. There was just something funky about the after taste. It’s not for me, but if you’re a fan of Nuun just think of it as more for you!

Would you ever ride a bull (for a bet, money, etc.)?
Nope! I would maybe ride a steer, though.
Are you having a hot week this week?

Have you tried Nuun or Gu Brew before? Did you like them?

14 thoughts on “Weekend rodeo & bet you can’t guess”

  1. I don’t think I could ride one – those things are huge!I haven’t tried either of those but I’d be interested in the Gu Brew! It’s crazy hot out I don’t like it! Way to go still running 🙂

    1. They seriously scare me. The other girl I hung out with this weekend kept saying they were “cute” and my best friend and I thought she was crazy.

  2. My favorite drink when running is water, hands down. If I am feeling like I need an energy boost, I will do Gatorade in races, but all that other electrolite stuff is not for me. I say if water is doing its job, keep on drinking it!

    1. I also prefer plain water when running. Sometimes I will put the smallest amount of PowerAde in there, but not often. I am more interested in electrolytes for recovering, because I often get bad headaches at night in the summer (like wake me up in the middle of the night kind of headaches) and I think it’s a hydration issue.

  3. Our running store didn’t have Nuun… I’m going to get some for next weekend’s run, though!Water is my favorite.I would NOT ride the bull. Have you seen Wild Hogs when they slap the bull?! HAHA! Too funny!

  4. It’s shaping up to be a really hot week for us. Supposed to hit 93 today, which will NOT be fun for our 7-mile trail race this evening. Fingers crossed for a pop-up shower to cool things off just before the start! I would never ride a real bull, but one year they had a mechanical bull as part of WinterFest at Virginia Tech. My future-husband-to-be got tossed pretty quickly, but I was able to stay on forever!

  5. How fun to be a “VIP” at the rodeo! And the Holstein bull…no thanks! Or any bull, for that matter. You are dealing with some serious heat. Yikes!

    1. I love going in the VIP section 🙂 You can get close enough to have to jump back if the bull decides to ram the pen with his horn on the way by.

  6. Nope but I love watching bull riding!! I also really love watching the little kids on the sheep. I did not manage to make it to a rodeo while back in Colorado and this has me wishing I had! Don’t worry, as a Nuun lover, I won’t disown you. BUT you should try other flavors. I like tropical punch and the grapefruit/orange All Day one. I used FIZZ Grapefruit flavor for my 50k and never got sick of it (which really surprised me).

    1. Oh my gosh I love the mutton busting, too! They are so cute. I have tried lemon-lime (hated the flavor) and strawberry lemonade Nuun. I liked the strawberry lemonade flavor, but there was still a strange after taste for me. Does the FIZZ Grapefruit have any kind of carbonation in it?

  7. That Holstein bull is huge and you’d never catch me trying to ride him, or his much younger brother!I actually like Nuun and had a grape one today. You can send your leftovers up this way! HaHa!!!

    1. He was and he was the meanest bull there! I think Holsteins tend to be pretty mean bulls, though. I would send you my leftovers, but I had just the one tablet since it was a sample!

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