Workout and you can win $1,000,000!

Did anyone see the one million dollar winner on Wheel of Fortune last night?? I randomly turned on the TV just in time to see the end of the show. The girl solved the final puzzle “Tough Workout” and won!

She had “T_ _ G _     _ _ R _ _ _ T” to work with. During the celebration Pat said “how did you solve that puzzle?” she said “I dunno… cause I workout!”. See… workout and you can win $1,000,000!

Tonight I headed back to the track, only it was a different track than my usual spot. As I rolled down the road to the high school I hit traffic and then as I topped the hill it clicked: graduation. I’m pretty sure at least a few people would be upset if I ran repeats on the track while they held graduation on the football field, so I headed over to the nearby middle school track instead.

This was the strangest track I have ever run on. The straight aways were all of 50 meters and the curves were around 150 meters. I felt like I was turning the whole time, because I pretty much was. I did a total of 6 miles, with 4 x 800 and then 4 x 400. Here’s the breakdown:

800’s: 4:06 / 4:15 / 4:05 / 4:09
400’s: 1:49 / 1:54 / 1:55 / 1:52

As you can see, I continue to have a problem with going out too fast on the first one for both sets. I think I’ll get better about this as I get more comfortable with the speedwork. Right now I go out on the first one freaking out about hitting the goal time, and then spend the rest of the repeats just hanging on for dear life.

One nice thing about this track is it that 3/5th of it was shaded. The sun started dipping behind the trees about midway through my run and even though it was still 75 degrees outside it didn’t feel that bad. I am still getting over my cold, but definitely feeling better than I did earlier in the week.

Do you watch Wheel of Fortune and/or Jeopardy? Did you see the $1,000,000 winner yesterday?

What do you think: would they really have minded if I ran repeats on track during graduation?? 🙂

If you do speedwork are you good about running even splits?

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