Fainting Goats

This evening I did an easy 3 miles after work on the roads around our house. There’s this farm that I run past that raises goats. I cannot believe I haven’t told you about this before now!  

Have you ever heard of fainting goats? Below is a video about them, if you haven’t. Basically their muscles freeze for around ten seconds when they’re startled.

You probably guessed it already, but the goats that I run past are fainting goats! They don’t faint quite like the ones on the video, because they can kind of build up a tolerance meaning they don’t fully faint. So when I run by and they’re at the fence, they turn to run around and their hind ends go stiff but their front legs still work. So they “half faint”. It makes me laugh every time!

This evening my in-laws are coming by for dinner tonight. They are on their way home from a trip and our house is on the way! It’s always nice to see them. I’m making cornbread chicken pot pie for dinner.

It’s a recipe out of my Campbell’s Casseroles, One-Dish Meals, and More recipe book that my grandparents got me for Christmas back in 2008. This is one of our favorite simple dinners. The only thing I change from the recipe is I don’t top it with cheddar cheese. The pot pie itself has chicken, corn, and cream of chicken soup and is topped with cornbread mix. I made tonight’s pot pie with sweet corn from last fall that we vacuum packaged and froze. One hundred times better than store-bought corn!

Have you ever seen/heard of fainting goats before?

What is your simple, go-to, family-favorite dinner?

Do you ever get “farm fresh/garden fresh” foods? Do you have a garden?
We don’t have a garden, but Barry always brings home sweet corn from the farm in the fall.

9 thoughts on “Fainting Goats”

  1. No garden here. You know that I can kill bamboo. I do enjoy getting the fresh stuff occasionally. And vacuum packaging is the only way to go.Best go-to dinner is Beef Burgundy. Just drop it in the crock pot and head to work.Fainting goats are a hoot. “Randy lay there like a slug! It was his only defense!”LUD

    1. My thumb is as green as yours… I think I would be capable of killing cactus 🙂 Haha love the Christmas Story reference! I can’t wait until after Thanksgiving, when it become socially acceptable for me to watch all of my Christmas movies again.

  2. I have never before heard of fainting goats, but I feel that my life is slightly more complete now. When I lived in Rochester, I’d go to the Farmer’s Market for local produce on the weekends. Even though this meant subsisting on squash, apples, and potatoes through the winter, I enjoyed eating stuff that didn’t travel too far. Unfortunately, we’re still working on this in Singapore – the island is super small, so there’s not much produce grown here…

    1. Hahahaha I’m so glad I could help your life become slightly more complete! I bet that is a challenge in Singapore… do they have any tropical-type fruits that grow there? I’m not sure what the climate is like, but where you’ve said rainy and humid I’m thinking y’all might have some neat tropical stuff.

    2. Definitely plenty of tropical fruits and veggies – way better & cheaper than in the US! I was really looking forward to the fruits, but actually might miss the veggies more, if we ever leave. Lots of non-bitter, dark-green veggies! And a lot of it is grown nearby (like, closer than California-to-New York), just not in Singapore itself, and little is imported by the farmers themselves. Also, understanding what has been treated with what kinds of chemicals is a lot harder here, as regulation is even worse than in the US.

  3. I’ve seen the fainting goats video before, and now I want to come run with you and run past them! That would totally crack me up, too! I used to make my own chicken pot pie, but haven’t make a homemade one since I discovered them at Costco, freshly made and ready to go in the oven. I LOVE your cornbread crust idea!My simple go to dinner is broiled salmon and a salad. It’s something we all love and takes no time at all to pull together.Have a great weekend!

  4. Although I now live in a rural area-somewhat-I’m a misplaced city girl. I try to buy farm fresh food. I’ve never heard of fainting goats. I think that’s kind of sad. That chicken pot pie sounds like a great recipe. Yum.

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