An easy run in the rain and keeping it real

Continuing prayers for Oklahoma.

Today we had duck weather all day long, and by that I mean it was raining. At times it was storming, but it was just plain old rain when I headed out for my run after work.

This evening I did a 4 mile easy run on the Dora Trail (the bike trail in town). I kept it at a comfortable pace and my Achilles were still bothersome, but not as bad they were during yesterday’s tempo run. I didn’t have to stop and stretch during my run, but I did lots of stretching and foam rolled my calves when I got home. Hopefully my Achilles will stop being jerks soon. 

The trail is really pretty right now, with a bunch of flowers in bloom along the trail. I tried to snap a quick picture today with my phone. It came out a little blurry since I was tyring to be quick since it was pouring down rain. Don’t ask why I had to have a picture of the trail on a rainy day…. I don’t know. Speaking of the rain, I really enjoyed running in the rain today. It was nice and cool (mid-60’s) and the rain made my run kind of invigorating. I also got to see a deer during my run today.

He/she stayed put in that spot and watched me run by, and then decided to take off. I also saw him/her hanging out in the same general area on my way back to the start of the trail.

After my run and before my foam rolling session I swung by the grocery store and stocked up. Look at all the fruit!!

Carrots, cantaloupe, honeydew, pears, apples, bananas,
strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and avocado!!

The cantaloupe and honeydew were $2 each and they will feed me for over a week. However, if I had bought the small pre-cut container of cantaloupe or honeydew it cost $4.35 and would feed me for a day. Crazy!

I wanted to apologize for my downer post yesterday. Honestly I was just being truthful about how my run went and how I felt about it. It’s not my intention to use my blog to whine or complain. But at the same time if I just act like everything is perfect all the time, I’m not being real with you. I want to treat this blog like I’m talking to a friend/running buddy and that means being able to be honest and share details of how my workouts went, both the good ones and the bad ones. Mmkay?

Do you enjoy running in the rain?

Any other big fans of fruit out there?

8 thoughts on “An easy run in the rain and keeping it real”

  1. Absolutely, that’s the point for a lot of us, right? When I read a blog where every! post! is! skippy! happy!, I’m always skeptical. Because unless you’re a mutant or alien, that just doesn’t happen. We have crappy days, and runs. And while I support everyone’s right to blog (or not blog) about whatever he/she sees fit, I also reserve the right NOT to read, if I start to feel like someone isn’t really being genuine. [For me – although not necessarily everyone – being genuine is an important quality in “blogger friends”.]I loooooooooooove to run in the rain! Here, though, the trick is to sneak out when it is raining, but when the thunder/lightening aren’t going nuts!I could eat fruit all day!

  2. You don’t have to apologize for negative posts! Life is both good and bad. I agree w/ Holly–I don’t believe bloggers who are ALWAYS happy.I don’t mind running in gentle, warm rains. With no wind. In the day time. I guess I have some stipulations.

    1. I have stipulations for rain, too. I don’t enjoy those rainy runs where it’s just on the brink of being cold enough to snow. That kind of rain chills me to the bone.

  3. As Coach Cheri used to say – suck it up buttercup! But really, its okay to whine. Sharing your pain can help make you feel better.You know how I feel about rain. Walking in a warm rain isn’t so bad. Riding sucks, and as you know I have a note from the doctor.LUD.

  4. Both Achilles are hurting? Have you changed shoes recently, or worn a very different type of shoe that you’re not used to? Or done a new or different type of exercise or stretch? I’m thinking it might be something like that since BOTH are bothering you…I love most fruits, except melons. No need to apologize about having a down day yesterday. I hope today was better. And by the way, I love running in the rain!

    1. I haven’t changed shoes recently or worn anything different. The only thing was when I did my long run two weeks ago (the 10 miles on a 0.5 mile loop at the campground) there was a 0.3 mile stretch of trail and I rolled my ankles several times. I’m pretty sure this is what aggravated my Achilles…. but now they don’t want to stop being angry. I am not a fan of watermelon, but I like all other types of melon that I’ve had. The day was better and it was because of the rain 🙂

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