Silly puppies and a race

I had the day off from work today and took a rest day from running, since I am running a 10K race tomorrow. I spent the day doing errands, watched the movie The Imposible, and then did more errands. Once Barry got home from work we took Hank and Scout to Petsmart to get some more dog food.

They love going to the store because of all of the attention they get. They don’t have much interest in other dogs, but they both absolutely love people. On the way home they decided they both needed to sleep on the center console of the truck, even though they have the whole back seat.

Silly puppies. It amazes me the positions that are apparently comfortable for them to sleep in.

So this race tomorrow, the Appalachian Power Festival Run, will be my second ever 10K. When I signed up for the race my goal was to beat my time from my first 10K. I ran 57:33 back in March, so I think my goal for tomorrow is still to beat that time. Ideally I’d like to run under 57 minutes. But with the way my calves and Achilles have been lately I know that may not be realistic. I will have to go by feel and back off if my Achilles catch fire like they have been doing lately.

If that ends up being the case, I will be okay with that. I want to be healthy for the Varmint 1/2 Marathon in three weeks. Either way, the weather looks perfect for running tomorrow so it will be a good day.

If you have dogs or other pets, do they ride in your vehicle well?
Hank and Scout have always been great travelers. They don’t get carsick and they mostly sleep the whole way.

Anyone racing this weekend?? Good luck if you are!

6 thoughts on “Silly puppies and a race”

  1. Good luck on your race!!! One of my dog has to sit in the passenger seat no matter what and the big one lays out in the backseat!

  2. So long as we are in the RV. Simon sleeps the whole way and Sadie sits in the passenger seat and helps me drive.No races for me this weekend. Will be facing the rat race again on Tuesday!LUD.

    1. Sadie is so funny because you can tell she is getting so sleepy but she won’t abandon her navigating job. 🙂 Enjoy the rat race! Hope you fare better than Rowan Atkinson, haha.

  3. That picture is sooooo funny! Goofy dogs! I love how snuggly they are with each other. I let my dog in the car all the time. She rides shotgun (even if someone else is in the front seat).

    1. They are always all over each other. I love how your dog will ride shotgun even if someone already has shotgun! That’s her seat no matter what.

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