Snowing again and some baking

Today started out as a lazy Saturday. Barry and I stayed in our PJ’s until Noon and had a quiet morning watching TV (him), reading blogs on the computer (me), and baking (more on that in a minute). Finally a little after 4 o’clock we headed out for a run. We ran a little over 6 miles on the roads around our house. I felt pretty good on this run, except my back was a little sore. The weather isn’t too bad today, temperature-wise. It’s currently hovering a little over 30 degrees but there’s no wind, so actually pretty nice to run in. It was snowing throughout our run today and by the end it was sticking to the roads pretty good (we’re supposed to get about 4 inches). We had to be careful and make sure the cars coming around the curves on the road didn’t slide.

Mr. Boy also joined us for the end of our run, and escorted us down the driveway and to our backdoor. I ran inside to get my camera to try and get a picture of him, but he eluded me once again. Maybe next time…

Not a whole lot to report from yesterday. I worked all day and then Barry took me out for a date night. We went out to Olive Garden and had a nice time talking over some good food. I got the lobster cannelloni with shrimp and Barry had the three-cheese ravioli.



I’m still working on this whole photography thing, and also it still embarrasses me to take pictures of my food in a restaurant. The dishes actually looked really nice and they did a nice job on the presentation…. too bad I ruined it with my crappy photo skills.

As I mentioned, I started the day off with some baking. Recently Hungry Runner Girl included this braided bread on her blog. It looked so good, so I had to give it a try. It wasn’t too difficult to make, which is saying something for someone who was never made bread like this from scratch before. I didn’t realize there was so much waiting, though! Who knew you had to let bread rise before you baked it?? 😉 Good thing I started it this morning so it would be ready for this afternoon (part of the reason we didn’t go running until after 4). It turned out mostly looking like it’s supposed to, and it tasted really good. There’s nothing quite like fresh out of the oven warm bread.


This recipe will definitely be added to the recipe book for future use. The loaf on the right is plain and the one on the left is Barry’s creation. He decided to add brown sugar to the “egg wash” that you brush on the bread before baking it. Then he sprinkled a little pumpkin spice on top. It turned out really sweet and would make for a great dessert. Judging by the size of the bread I think I did a really good job of letting it rise 🙂

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