Runnin’ against the wind (and with it)

I’ll be honest, I just didn’t want to run today. You know those days where you just don’t want to go back outside? Yea, it was one of those. But I am feeling a bit better today, and I felt up to a run, despite the pounding headache that is still sticking with me. So I got out there and ran 4 miles at 9:45 pace this evening after work. It is coooold outside again. Right now it’s 32 degrees with 20+ MPH winds, making it feel like it’s actually in the teens. One interesting fact: even a middle of the pack runner can hit Kenyan speed when running downhill with a 20 MPH wind directly at your back (although you’ll freeze).

Not quite this fast, even with the wind

A highlight of my run, today: An older man was walking out to his mailbox as I was running by. He says to me “Hi. You are very brave.” I guess he thought I was tough stuff to be out there in the wind…. he probably wouldn’t think I was so brave if he knew I am afraid of the dark though.

[from my Pinterest]

What really got me out there today was the fact that I am feeling a bit better from my cold, and the fact that I did not run yesterday. That, and my personal motto:

Don’t mind the bright circle at the top from my poor photography skills.

But seriously, lets talk about the weather for a minute

Two and a half weeks ago: 50 degrees and muggy, then we had 3 straight days of a torrential down pour-type rain
Two weeks ago: The temperature dips below freezing and we get 9 1/2 inches of snow, it remains cold and windy for the next six days
One week ago: Another snow storm rolls through and drops another 4 inches on us, it stays cold and windy over the weekend
Two days ago: The thermometer hits 70 degrees for the high during the day
One day ago: We have severe thunderstorms, high winds, and flooding
Today: There is a flash flood warning, a high wind warning, and a winter storm advisory all at the same time….

And I experienced all three of those warnings at the same time in the area I was working in today:

That creek is normally about 3 feet wide… and that white area back there? That’s where the blizzard was. I was lucky that low bridge I was driving across wasn’t flooded, and at times while driving it was a complete white out. The weather has been wild lately, and the news is currently showing the devastation people across the country have been experiencing as a result. Locally, I think we have seen all 4 seasons over the span of about two weeks. Again I ask you Mother Nature…. can we just pick one season and stick with it for a bit? K, thanks.

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