I learned my lesson

First things first- apparently I did not learn my lesson the first time. I left our puppy unattended in the living room this morning and she chewed up the laces on my newest pair of running shoes. I cried, and then cried some more when I found out they’ve been discontinued. Then I bought two more pairs online in my size while they’re still available (sorry Barry… better to ask for forgiveness than permission).

I HAVE learned my lesson now, and my running shoes now reside in our bedroom safely away from said puppy.

This evening I ran 3 miles after work at a 9:43 pace. This used to be my comfortably hard/typical weekday run pace, but lately it has felt a lot harder. Maybe I’m just in some kind of winter slump? I’ve got some races coming up on the calendar, so hopefully that will help. It warmed up to 39 degrees today and I got to run in shorts! Any colder and I wouldn’t have been able to wear them, but right at 40 degrees is where I can switch over to shorts.

Don’t mind the lines on my shins from my work socks.
Barry joined me for a little over half of the run today. He was planning on doing more than 3 miles, so he was going to run with me to my turn around point and then keep going. Shortly before we got to 1.5 miles, a white pit bull-mix dog that is usually tied was running loose and ran up to us barking, but then went back to its yard. Because of this incident, I made Barry turn around with me and run me back past that house before going off on his own, and thank goodness I did. On our way back the dog came charging from the other side of the road, barking and snarling at us with its fur up. I was scared but so glad to have Barry with me. He yelled at it (a 6′ 4″ man is a lot more intimidating than a 5′ 2″ woman) and the dog backed down and went home. That dog has been loose once before when I was running by myself and it actually chased me down the road while nipping at my arm. He looks like the dog pictured below. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs and I don’t hold any dog to a breed stereotype. But I do not like dogs that are aggressive and chase me.

In other news, we enjoyed watching the Super Bowl (and the commercials) last night. I thought the Best Buy commercial was really funny and the Budweiser one with the Clydesdale was cute. Of course there was Super Bowl food, and I failed to take any pictures of it. I made nacho chip dip… which is basically refried beans, cream cheese, sour cream, salsa, taco seasoning, hot sauce, and parsley mixed together and topped with cheese. We ate it with multigrain chips, which I’m pretty sure makes it healthy right?

I also made Spicy Asian Chicken Wraps, which were my favorite thing from the dining hall (West End) when I was at Virginia Tech. My awesome sister-in-law got us a Virginia Tech cookbook for Christmas that has the recipe for this wrap in it. My Dad and sister also thoughtfully got me the same cookbook, but my sister-in-law beat them by a few days. Apparently people think I like Virginia Tech or something.

Invited the Hokie Bird to my wedding and he graciously accepted

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