It’s cold outside

So I didn’t end up doing that cross training I was talking about yesterday. . . but I did watch Spirit of the Marathon. That counts for something, right???

It is very cold here today. Right now it is 21 degrees, which is the warmest it has been all day. But with the windchill, they say it currently feels like 7 degrees outside. Great day for a run? I thought so, too 🙂 When Barry got home from work we headed out. We kept it short and did a little over 3 miles, which is good enough for me. I wore enough layers to keep my body warm, but my face was pretty cold. It felt like a hard effort, but our average pace was 9:42/mile, which is my typical pace for a weekday run. My legs are still feeling sore from my hilly Sunday long run, so I guess that had to do with it.

I have one other thing to share with you, and it is a funny thing that happened on Sunday. I am sharing this with you at my own expense, so you better appreciate it. Here’s the background: we went to the grocery store on Sunday and among other things we bought some house brand apple juice because we had a coupon. We got home, got all the groceries put away, and the fridge was full up with all of our stuff. After a little while I decide I want a glass of apple juice, so I open the fridge and grab the container and pour myself a glass. While I’m sitting at the table drinking my juice, I notice it’s a little funny tasting. I decide to let Barry know that the house brand apple juice we bought tastes weird. He looks at it and says “that’s because you’re drinking white grape juice”. That would explain why the color of the juice looked a little too light, too. Apparently we also bought white grape juice (something I was not privy to) and that’s what I actually grabbed out of the fridge. Lesson learned: always read the label.

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