Running Rules

Not much to report today. I didn’t go for a run because it was already dark when I got home from a long day at work. So I decided to do the p90x Cardio X workout. I had a mentally-taxing/stressful day at work, and the cardio x is my favorite workout. I like just getting to jump around and have my heart rate up for around 45 minutes, and it helped me unwind from today.

I came across an article recently called “A Runner’s Rules“. Some of them were real rules runners should follow, others were funny, and others were just true. Here are some of my favorites:

9. Don’t throw away the directions to your GPS watch; one day, right before a race, you will need them.

11. When racing and a kid sticks their hand out, always give them a high five.

[Source: Spectator Tips from Rock n Roll series]

25. Preventing injuries is much easier than recovering from them.

35. On training runs, never avoid hills.

[Blue Ridge Marathon]

38. Don’t take running too seriously. Don’t define your life by running. Do make it a big part of your life.

47. Don’t try to over complicate things too much — just go out and run.


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