A rest day

Random tidbit from yesterday that I forgot to mention: we are on a boil water notice and have been since Saturday morning. The water treatment plant lost power due to the snowstorm, which was the reason for the notice. I have two things to share about this:

1. The water I drank during my long run yesterday was still warm from having been boiled earlier in the morning. Turns out drinking warm water while running in cold air is actually pretty good. You should try it sometime!

2. I am boiling our water in our largest pot, which typically only gets used to make kettle corn. As a result, all of our drinking water tastes slightly like kettle corn!


Last night Barry and I watched the movie Looper and I spent the majority of the movie very confused. I can’t even try to explain it on here, but I will tell you Barry had to pause the movie more than once to explain to me what was going on.


Today is another day off from work, and I think I may take a rest day after yesterday’s hilly long run. Or maybe I’ll do some kind of cross training this afternoon… I’m trying to be better about cross training on a regular basis. Either way, I leave you with a little inspiration.

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