Snow and some Mexican food

I couldn’t go for a run after work today because the weather took a turn for the worse. The rain started up again last night and it continued to rain today until it switched over to a heavy snow this afternoon. It has been snowing hard all afternoon and we already have about 8 inches or so. The dogs are having a good time with it, though!

Hank running around in the yard
Hank and Scout playing on the deck

It’s weather like this that makes me wish I had a treadmill, as much as I hate them. Since I couldn’t run, I decided to do some p90x. I did the cardio workout, which is my favorite one. Anyone ever done p90x?

Last night we went out to a local, new to us mexican restaurant. They brought out the standard chips and salsa, except the salsa turned out to be freshly made. It was delicious!

I got a beef enchilada/beef soft taco dinner combo and Barry got the enchiladas supreme (one chicken, one beef, one bean, and one cheese). The chicken enchilada turned out to be the best out of everything, and I will be getting chicken enchiladas the next time we go. Barry’s plate was more colorful than mine, so here’s a picture of his.

The power keeps on flickering, so cross your fingers that we don’t lose power! I better hurry up and heat up my vegetable soup (and maybe also grab a shower).

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