R.I.P. Asics

The rain finally relented this afternoon! I was beginning to think Virginia had become confused and thought we were located in the Pacific Northwest instead of on the East Coast. Remember what I said about duck weather? Well I’m surprised we don’t have ducks paying in the pond that has formed in our backyard.

I spent the majority of the day today thinking it was Thursday. In a way it is kind of my Thursday, since Friday is a state holiday and I’ll be off work. That makes tomorrow (Thursday) my last workday. So I guess aside from being disappointed that Grey’s Anatomy isn’t on until tomorrow night it doesn’t matter too much.

It warmed up to 50 degrees this afternoon and I got to run in shorts. I ran 4 hilly miles on the roads around our house. My legs were feeling tired today, but it was nice to be outside since the weather was better. I did hit one really windy section of road, just before my turnaround. For about 4 tenths of a mile I was running straight into a gusting wind. I was so glad to turn around and head back! And then I came home to this:

Courtesy of this little booger:


I guess you shouldn’t leave a 4 month old puppy to her own devices when you leave the house. We have a crate we usually put her in, but I figured I wouldn’t be gone long and she’d probably just sleep anyway. Wrong! R.I.P. Asics…. Honestly the shoe itself is still usable, I just need to get a new shoelace. Lucky I have two other pairs I’m currently running in.

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