Snowy run

Good news! We never lost power last night, thank goodness! We did end up with a total of close to 10 inches of snow. Here’s a view from our back deck this morning:

This evening I went for a run with Barry after he got home from work. We drove over to the biking trail in town, and ran 3 miles at a pretty slow pace. The trail was covered in snow (at times as deep as my shins) and had some icy patches, which made it difficult to run. There were also several downed trees and limbs across the trail that we had to climb under/over. Barry snapped a picture of me at the entrance to the trail and we tried to get one of a tree across the trail. It was already dark outside, and we took them with a cell phone, so they didn’t come out very good.

Today I was off work, since it’s a state holiday (Lee-Jackson Day). I had a low-key morning and spent time getting the house clean, doing the dishes, and watching this week’s episode of Dance Moms.

This show is so ridiculous, but it entertains me. I’m pretty sure at least 80% of it is scripted, but whatever. It’s fun to play “rate the crazy” and rate stuff from the show on a scale of 1 to 10. You gotta love those guilty pleasure shows.

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